Title Update: 06/15/2021

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today's Title Update introduces a new feature, Datacrons! Datacrons are a unique way to upgrade your entire squad with special temporary bonuses in Grand Arena Championships and Territory Wars. Each Set of Datacrons focus on a number of factions or characters and brings those squads to the next level with powerful abilities and stat boosts. New Sets of Datacrons will roll out regularly, and during any given month, there will be up to three different Sets of Datacrons live, each with their own combination of perks.

The Exhibition for Datacrons is live now! Get Datacrons and upgrade materials from Conquest, Shipments and Territory Wars along with special Login Calendars with everything you need to get started!

Don't forget to reboot your client to get the latest data!

See you on the Holotables!

Datacrons are now available! To get you started, there is a Daily Login Calendar and a special Inbox message with a bunch of resources to try out Datacrons right away. See the most recent Road Ahead for more details.

Note: You do NOT have to beat the treasure room to move onto the next Conquest sector.

There is a new look for Shipments and Mod Shipments now display a Mod’s stats without having to tap for more information.

To prepare for the arrival of the Grand Inquisitor, the Inquisitorius are hunting down Force Users! A new assault battle, "FANATICAL DEVOTION", is entering the event rotation. Gather your Inquisitors and head to the events table on 6/16.

Purge the galaxy and remember... there are things more frightening than death.

  • GENERAL - The squad panel will no longer be partially cut off after removing a squad from the defensive squad list.
  • GENERAL - Ship UI tiles will no longer shift when a ship is selected for a battle on various resolutions.
  • GENERAL - The UI (slider) now updates correctly when crafting gear to be exchanged for relic materials. Confirm button activates when crafting the first item.
  • GENERAL - Fixes visual glitch that was showing reinforcement units appear in the wrong location before doing their "fly in" animation
  • GENERAL - Milestone Toast text is now fixed for Journey Guide Characters
  • UNIT - Fixed issue which prevented Fennec Shand's Special ability, "I Don't Miss", from dealing damage to the weakest enemy once her contract was completed.
  • UNIT - Darth Nihilus' Drain Force ability description has been updated to clarify its existing functionality. Instead of saying 'for each cooldown increased' it now says ' for each enemy whose cooldowns were increased'.
  • UNIT - Removed second (very small) damage instance from Mob Enforcer's Thermal Detonators
  • EVENT - Unshielded reinforcement units that were not deployed in battle will no longer be revealed in the defeated enemy fleet details screens in Territory War or GAC.
  • EVENT - Fixes an issue that was preventing GAC roster re-saving being available after unlocking the ultimate ability for a GL.
  • EVENT - Fixed a GAC issue where some players may have been able to deploy defenses after the attack phase had begun if they did not have defenses set before the event.
  • EVENT - Units that can Transform will no longer sometimes cause the game to soft lock when doing so in the Kamino: Separtist Galactic Challenge.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue where players may have gotten the incorrect rank at the end of a season if they were promoted or relegated during the last round of the GAC.
  • EVENT - Players with a 7* Commander Ahsoka Tano will now see her tier as Locked in the Proving Grounds.
  • EVENT - Players with a 7* Razor Crest will now see that tier as Locked in the Proving Grounds.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue where some players may have experienced their best rank including league and division not being displayed in their profile accurately.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue where the Sith Eternal Emperor could sometimes Link a 3rd enemy in the Sith Triumvirate Raid.
  • AUDIO - Darth Vader's breathing SFX in Inventory screen and in Battle are now fixed.
  • AUDIO - Darth Nihilus' fidget audio in Inventory screen is now fixed.

  • GENERAL - Visual bug - GAC Ship set defenses shows 0/4 even with full reinforcements
  • GENERAL - An error can occur when connecting to Facebook, adding friends through Facebook or claiming first time Crystal reward for connecting to Facebook
  • GENERAL - Omicrons do not gray out after claiming in the Conquest rewards track
  • GENERAL - Visual bug - Datacrons sometimes do not appear as a reward in Conquest after completing a battle. These Datacrons still appear in your inventory afterward
  • GENERAL - Clicking UNLOCK when you do not have sufficient materials to Unlock the next level of a Datacron does not show a warning message
  • GENERAL - Find Flow for for Datacron Unlock and Re-Roll materials does not work
General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.
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