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Hello, new f2p player. Ive started collecting the OT rebels team. (Old Ben, Farmboy luke, Leia, Trooper Han, Lando) Any Advice?


  • Welcome!

    A couple initial thoughts:

    First, we can tell you efficient ways to gain power or to defeat a particular challenge, but only you can decide what goals you want to pursue. If someone ever encourages you to farm a particular squad, that's only based on their perceptions of the game value (availability, effort, and reward). But of course many of us play for more personal reasons. Love Princess Leia? Would it make you happy to have her be your first g12 character with the cool Gold halo? By all means, take Leia to g12 right away and have fun doing it! If someone gives you intelligent, effective advice on how to do something in the game but following that advice would kill your fun, then ignore that advice.

    Whatever else SWGOH may be, it's still a game. Never forget to have fun.

    Second, this game is a LONG haul game. There are game elements to it of course, but much of what you will do is slowly collecting rewards by pushing the same few buttons every day. You Daily Challenges might be difficult (or impossible) at first, but as your characters strengthen you will defeat them without losing any characters at which point they become simmable. From there on, you'll just be pushing a couple buttons, collecting the rewards, and then deciding how to use them. That's definitely not the fun part of the game, but understanding where your rewards come from, how they can be used or spent, and how that affects your progress towards your goals is crucial to achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve within the game. All of which is to say, learn to plan ahead - at least a few weeks at a time. Know where you want to spend your energy, what you want to spend it on, and how that will help you reach your goals.

    If in doubt, you can always come back here and ask most specific questions like, "If my goal is to get and gear character X to complete challenge Y, how is GAC or Territory Wars supposed to help me?" Folks will have lots of information for you, but using it requires a long term view. The game won't be fun for you if you can't plan ahead to reach goals and then celebrate them once you get there.

    Third, we can be much more helpful to you if we can see where you are in the game (your player level, character levels and gear, etc.). You can share that information by making a free account at the website SWGOH.gg and then posting a link to your account here. Knowing exactly what stage of the game you're in can help a ton.

    Fourth, the game really isn't worth playing for most of us without the social aspects. For these, getting into a good guild for you is crucial. Get out of the starter guilds and into a permanent guild right away. If you have a friend in a larger, more powerful guild, see if you can join their guild occasionally as an alternate when a powerful player leaves and they're going through the process of recruiting. You can benefit them by giving them raid tickets while they benefit you by completing raids and other tasks that your regular guild could not, thus earning you at least a few end-game level rewards while you're still new. That helps get you an important head start on later tasks. But in the meantime, join a regular, permanent guild. Post an ad in the guild recruitment part of the forums here, or in locations on Discord or Reddit. Good guild officers will not only find you, they'll respond to you with specific statements that address what you said in your ad for yourself. If they reply in a way that shows they didn't really read your ad, ignore them. If they're not willing to listen to you now, why would they listen to you later, when you're depending on them for help in accomplishing the cooperative activities in the game?

    So to sum up:
    Have fun.
    Plan for the long term, and decide if it's okay that the true accomplishments in the game (just as in life) require a lot of time to complete.
    Make an account at swgoh.gg and post a link here.
    Get yourself in a good guild, with people you like and who are willing to help you when you get stuck. Asking questions here is great, but you need (and deserve) that every day, small-scale help that comes from chatting with other players near your level about what you're doing and what they've already done. Pretty soon you'll be giving out advice to the newcomers and realize that you're not so new anymore yourself!
  • Hello, new f2p player. Ive started collecting the OT rebels team. (Old Ben, Farmboy luke, Leia, Trooper Han, Lando) Any Advice?

    Bad news: That's a really bad team, one of the worst in the game.

    Good news: Along with R2 you need them all for Commander Luke Skywalker (who is one of the best in the game).

    So, work on getting R2. Then work on getting CLS.

    After that, unless collecting your favourite characters is really important to you.......put them on ice for a bit (you'll need most of them later).

    Apart from Farm boy Luke, retire him to a farm in the country.

    The top rebel team is CLS, han, chewie, 3po, 3po/chewie, which is pretty difficult to collect.

    R2 is generally the accepted stand in. Old Ben is extremely useful, so gearing him and using him isn't a waste.

    After that.........hmmmm ST Han is a little under-rated but there are some niceish pairs Chirrut/Baize Wedge/Biggs Cassian/K2 or...........you could go straight for Kyle Katarn if he's open for you.
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