How to help make mods better

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I like the idea of being able tore-roll stats on datacrons so why not allow us to do the same on mods.
If we could re-roll a stat in mods would be a great QOL.
So for example I could try for a re-roll on defence in this mod would be something I would be very interested in doing.


  • They never designed mods to be able to choose which stat you want. It’s rng dependent so that’s why they enable us to reroll on 6 dot mods. The difference is the game chooses where you get the reroll.
  • Joebo720
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    While i am not opposed to it, i doubt they'd be interested to do this as it would take a lot of the RNG away from mods.
  • CG_Tusken_Meathead
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    I've passed the suggestion along
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