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    What does that have to do with star wars?
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    ShaggyB wrote: »
    What does that have to do with star wars?

    If you look up Dexter Jettsters cafe, you’ll see it was bought out by Victoria’s Secret.
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    He used the old and now considered offensive term "pigstinker" instead of the modern term "Ugnaught" and got cancelled within a month.
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    That's a disingenuous request because corporations the size you're talking about dont close overnight and never will.

    I'm sorry, but we have a conference call from Enron & Arthur Anderson for you. Toys R Us is requesting to join, and there are messages here from... Blockbuster, Tower Records, Pan Am Airlines, Compaq Computers, WorldCom, and Delorean Motor Company have left messages.

    We're talking about what corporations fear, and whether Disney fears such things enough to base the casting of the Kenobi show on such fears.

    While there has been significant backlash against specific actors who engaged in sexual assault or **** or other infamous crimes (going back long before OJ and Wesley Snipes became uncastable), and there have also been backlashes against famous existing characters being portrayed by an actor of a different race (or even **presumably** different race, such as in the case of Idris Elba's glorious but criticized-by-racists portrayal of Heimdall in the Thor movies), there has never been a case of serious backlash against a particular studio or a specific show merely because a brand new character was portrayed by a white man. Never.

    The idea that there are things corporations are afraid of, even large corporations, is far more valid than you credit.

    The idea that Disney was afraid that if they cast a white man in the role now named 3rd Sister it would impact their bottom line is unsubstantiated.

    There simply was and is no reason for Disney to be afraid that any specific role must (or must not) be portrayed by an actor of a specific race or gender UNLESS the character has already existed in other movies/shows and was recognizably a human of a specific race or gender (no one is going to care if the actor playing one of the hammerheads or Gamorrean Guards changes, even if it involves a radical race/gender swap).

    Unless/until someone involved in the casting says that they decided in advance the role would best be portrayed by a person of a specific race or gender, there's no reason to assume that some nebulous fear of a cash hit for casting white men even exists, much less that it dictated who played 3rd Sis. And even then the director's motivation might be something other than a woke agenda.

    There simply is no reason to believe that anything other than making the most money possible ever affected any casting decisions for Kenobi.
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