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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are happy to introduce you to Grand Inquisitor, a menace and force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Don’t let him linger around too long otherwise you can expect a debuff bonanza.

The Basics:
  • Powerful leader who bolsters members of the Inquisitor team
  • With basic attack, he can hit multiple times based on stacks of Purge on the target
  • Special 1 will cleanse debuffs, equalizes health and protection
  • Patience - at start of battle, opponents are inflicted with a stack of Purge
Unique Attributes:
  • In Territory Wars, Special 2 will instantly defeat Jedi if they have 6-stack of Purge
  • In Territory Wars, enemy characters will regain Purge if it is consumed or dispelled
  • In Territory Wars, whenever Jedi enemies with Purge gain Protection Up, they take damage equal to 25% of their Max Health at the end of that turn.
  • In Territory Wars, If an enemy with 6 stacks of Purge were to reduce Grand Inquisitor to 1% Health, he recovers 100% Health and Protection (limit once per enemy)
  • Ramps up if you leave him on the battlefield, the 1st time each enemy hits a 6 stack of Purge, he gains bonuses, in addition, as Leader, anytime an opponent is given a stack of Purge, your team will benefit based on role
  • New Debuff - Torture - Take bonus damage equal to 10% of this character's Max Health when damaged by an attack; reduce Defense by 10% (stacking, max 50%) for the rest of the encounter when damaged by an attack; can't gain bonus Turn Meter
  • As the leader of the Inquisitors, we wanted him to be a powerful cornerstone to an all-Inquisitor team.
  • The uniform for our version of Grand Inquisitor was pulled from Star Wars Rebels, while Rupert Friend (the actor who portrayed him on Obi-wan Kenobi) was the inspiration behind his visage.
  • Pain Can Break Anyone, You’re Right to be Afraid, and Ready to Die? were inspired by quotes from Star Wars Rebels, while Compassion Leaves a Trail is from Obi-wan Kenobi.
Strategy Tips:
  • Grand Inquisitor was designed to challenge Jedi Galactic Legends who are on teams without their “lifter” units (i.e. Commander Ahsoka Tano) in the Territory Wars game mode
  • Keep an eye on Purge stacks to maximize Grand Inquisitor’s multi-attacks and bonuses from Uniques
  • Special 2 can swing a battle in your favor or soften a hard mark if used correctly
  • Most of the Inquisitors have the exact same base Speed, allowing you to mod them to take the turn order you are looking for.

How often will the Grand Inquisitor Event be run?
Initial run lasts for 7 days (same as JKL)
Recurrence will be similar to other Legendaries
Does “Compassion Leaves a Trail” count defeated Inquisitorius allies as well for the debuffs?
No, the allies must be active to count for the debuffs. As Inquisitors are defeated, the debuffs will shrink.
Is Torture’s “max 50%” per time you are Tortured or a total max that you can be debuffed in the combat?
You cannot have more than 50% of Defense reduced by Torture, no matter how many times it is re-applied.
Any tips for beating his Event in the Journey Guide?
Each tier is two encounters, the first one being a training session against the Grand Inquisitor, and the second against a Jedi or Unaligned Force User. Many tiers become a lot easier if you use the proper Leader to counter what the enemy is bringing to the battle.
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