Kit Reveal: Grand Inquisitor

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[Dev Insights - Kit Reveal ]

UNIT NAME: Grand Inquisitor
CATEGORIES: Attacker, Leader, Empire, Inquisitorius, Unaligned Force User
The calculating and relentless Master of the Inquisitorius who specializes in dealing with Jedi


BASIC: Pain Can Break Anyone (ZETA)

Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If all allies are Inquisitorius, inflict a stack of Purge (max 6), which can't be resisted. Reduce the target enemy's Critical Damage by 15% (stacking) for 2 turns per attack, which can't be resisted. On Grand Inquisitor's turn:

[*]If the enemy has at least 3 stacks of Purge at the start of turn: Attack a second time always scoring a critical hit if able.
[*]If the enemy has 6 stacks of Purge at the start of turn: Attack a third time dealing true damage instead, which can't be evaded.

SPECIAL 1: You're Right to be Afraid (CD=4)

Final Text: Dispel all debuffs on Inquisitorius allies and then equalize their current Health and Protection percentages. Deal Physical damage to all enemies and inflict Ability Block and Vulnerable for 1 turn to all enemies with Purge, which can't be resisted. For each enemy with Purge, Inquisitorius allies recover 4% Health. Inquisitorius allies gain Critical Damage Up for 2 turns.

SPECIAL 2: Ready to Die? (CD=6) (OMICRON)

Remove 100% Turn Meter from the target enemy, which can't be resisted, and deal Physical damage. Then, inflict Torture for 1 turn, which can't be copied, dispelled, evaded, or resisted. Gain buffs for 2 turns based on the number of stacks of Purge on the target enemy.

1+ Stack: Grand Inquisitor gains Offense Up for 2 turns

2+ Stacks: Grand Inquisitor gains Speed Up for 2 turns

3+ Stacks: Grand Inquisitor gains Tenacity Up for 2 turns

4+ Stacks: Inquisitorius allies gain Offense Up for 2 turns

5+ Stacks: Inquisitorius allies gain Speed Up for 2 turns

6 Stacks: Inquisitorius allies gain Tenacity Up for 2 turns

Torture: Take bonus damage equal to 10% of this character's Max Health when damaged by an attack; reduce Defense by 10% (stacking, max 50%) for the rest of the encounter when damaged by an attack; can't gain bonus Turn Meter

While in Territory Wars: The first time all enemies reach 6 stacks of Purge, this ability's cooldown is reset if this ability has not defeated an enemy. If the target enemy has 6 stacks of Purge and is not Jedi, inflict Buff Immunity for 1 turn, which can't be dispelled, evaded, prevented, or resisted. If the target enemy has 6 stack of Purge and is Jedi, instantly defeat them. Jedi enemies defeated this way can't be revived.

Leader - Master Inquisitorius (ZETA + OMICRON)

Final Text:

Empire allies gain 20% Max Health and Max Protection and 10 Speed. If all allies are Inquisitorius at the start of battle, gain an additional 46% Max Health and Max Protection and 15 Speed, and they are immune to Ability Block. Also, Grand Inquisitor gains Defense Penetration Up and Offense Up for 2 turns, which can't be dispelled or prevented.

Additionally, If all allies are Inquisitorius at the start of battle, whenever Purge is inflicted, Inquisitorius allies gain benefits based on their role for the rest of the encounter (stacking, max 200%):

-Attackers: +2% Critical Damage
-Healers and Supports: +2% Potency
-Tanks: +2% Defense

If the enemy Leader is a Jedi, Inquisitorius allies start the battle with buffs based on their role for 1 turn:

- Attackers: Advantage
- Healers and Supports: Foresight
- Tanks: Taunt

While in Territory Wars: While Grand Inquisitor is active, whenever an enemy loses Purge, they regain it at the end of the turn. On their turn, Inquisitorius allies can ignore Taunt to target an enemy with 6 stacks of Purge.

UNIQUE: Compassion Leaves a Trail (ZETA + OMICRON)

Final Text: For each Inquisitorius ally, enemies with Purge have -10% Defense and -5 Speed.

If an enemy evades an Inquisitorius allies' attack, all other enemies take true damage and dispel Foresight from themselves.

The first time each enemy reaches 6 stacks of Purge, Grand Inquisitor takes a bonus turn and gains 10% Critical Avoidance, Health Steal, and Offense and 5 Speed until the end of the encounter (stacking, max 6). These bonuses are doubled if the enemy is Jedi.

While in Territory Wars: Whenever Jedi enemies with Purge gain Protection Up, they take damage equal to 25% of their Max Health at the end of that turn. This damage can't defeat enemies. If an enemy with 6 stacks of Purge were to reduce Grand Inquisitor to 1% Health, he recovers 100% Health and Protection (limit once per enemy).

Unique 2 - Patience

Final Text: At the start of battle, if all allies (minimum 3) are Inquisitorius, this character gains 20% Max Health, Max Protection, and Potency. Inflict all enemies with a stack of Purge at the start of the encounter, which can't be evaded or resisted. Whenever an enemy damages this character with an attack while attacking out of turn, that enemy gains a stack of Purge (max 6), which can't be evaded or resisted. Whenever Purge is consumed or dispelled on an enemy, this character gains 3% Turn Meter.


  • TargetEadu
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    Hi Semi!
  • That's cool and all but tell us the stats
  • SemiGod
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    The Grand Midquisitor
  • Not impressed...
  • SemiGod
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    TargetEadu wrote: »
    Hi Semi!

    Hey, real ones remember the truth 🗿


  • Blimey. When is this nonsense of writing a book for a kit is going to end?
    The whole Harry Potter saga has less pages than this!
  • bap1234
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    not op(thank god) time will tell if he kills jmk+cat (don't think so). OT toons now, no more inq toons pls.
  • Themy
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    Hi @CG_Tusken_Meathead, where is the line forming for the restitution?
  • Grand Inquisitor was designed to challenge Jedi Galactic Legends who are on teams without their “lifter” units (i.e. Commander Ahsoka Tano) in the Territory Wars game mode

    ok, refund. Useless character, useless Faction.

    Edit: You do realise that 3 years old GAS accomplishes the same? And not just in TW for 3 Omicrons?

    This is ridiculous, who would even want a toon like this. GL Jedis without their lifter toons dont even exist. JML never goes on D. I wouldnt put it past them to not know how their own toons function, but this guy was obsolete years ago. Like you said, GAS already does this. I dont know why all of a sudden the power creep stopped with JMK and nothing will ever top him.
  • This kit resonates with me so much because I'm also burnt out
  • A character and release as bad as each other. Not countering Kenobi Cat (or designed not to) is a massive mistake with his kit that only makes the team worth the farm at the top 1% of guilds that require him. At least after the release the slow drip of inquisitors will be done so we don’t have to wait for the faction to be useful as we know they will only be conditionally 4 times a month…
  • So.....why are we supposed to be excited?
  • I have waited years for an Inquisitor team and this is what you give us! A terrible team with no good use whatsoever. Awful.
  • Snazzyboy
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    Uh… this is not beating GL Jedi. Still getting him coz he’s one of my favourite characters ever.

    Omicrons are supposed to change a team drastically, only the leader omicron i could see being useful the others are terrible
  • So the inqusitors dont get their "5 leaders" team? Then what's all about the omicrons? I am confused.
  • 12thParsec
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    One shot from CAT and he’s dead. Even without CAT JMK cannot get purge because he always has protection up therefore he can’t be instakilled. I realize he’s just a journey character but you advertised he can kill GLs. Unless he can do 200k on a basic this character is the same if not worse than the other inquisitors. At this point either they need to pull the plug on this game or get new management.
  • Waited 6 months for this garbage?
  • Looooki
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    If only they can block the 2nd special and won't go off... Sad kit...
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