Kit Reveal: Grand Inquisitor



  • Pariah_Anchorite
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    Definitely not end-game content. Seems more like how we needed Phoenix team for Thrawn, but now “Thrawn” is on the same team. Now wrap it up with a new TV show and a lot if teasing.

    Maybe Make him really cool by allowing the option to use *all* Inquisitorius (6 unit team), and all other unit leadership abilities are active at half their stats?
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  • Enas007
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    First of all ... the event is difficult. And the inquisitors hit like wet noodle. Need prime mods on all 5 of them and 3 to 5h time. Or insane luck. Fulcrum is the most annoying one. Prepare yourself for some rage and fury building up inside of yourself. Ahhh ... and GI is not a A toon. Maybe B+ as status of today. Only good against jedi leaders. Which you wont see if you have the GI.
  • Ultradude488
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    Looking at him now, best thing I've seen him do is counter Jabba in 5v5, but that was with a datacon though, so I mean idk. Maybe, just maybe they'll be better in the future.
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    Once a Jedi, always a Jedi. Wait... never mind.
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