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Hi guys, I've never really paid much attention to mods in the past but want to start taking the game more seriously. How do I know which attributes I should focus on with the mods, I usually just add whichever has highest Speed, Health and Protection?


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    General and detailed overview of mods: search for “swgoh playbook” on YouTube. Start with modding 101 video.

    For primary stats and set type for any specific character, go to and click on “best mods” to see what the top players use.

    For CG recommended secondary stats, click on the (i) button near the top right of the mod recommendation screen in game. Speed is priority for most characters. Currently % bonuses are better than flat most of the time (particularly at relic). I believe the midpoint average is above around 3k offense and 30k health or protection (when % becomes better than flat).
  • The biggest mistake people make is think that the color of the mods themselves is an indication whether or not the mod is good.

    The game is solidly in a speed meta. Outside of a handful of characters, it’s best to make your characters fast. Look for speed secondaries on mods (primaries for arrow mods).
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    health primaries are great at 6 dot even with little to no speed but that’s extreme endgame
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