The Dabobuhds - Questionable Pun, Great Guild!

Hello there, if you’re looking for a change of pace for an easy-going group of Star Wars fans with no requirements but great TW results, we’d love to have you!

We’ve only lost only two or three TWs in 2022 and we’re getting about 10 Wat shards each time but that’s going up really quick. We’re US-based in the central time zone. Rancor and tank on sim, easily clear Sith raid within <24 hours, and will probably get into the Crancor later this year.

Doing dark side Geo TB regularly (7-8 stars) and have done light side Geo TB sparingly but will be attempting that more later this year.

Feel free to message me in game if you’ve got any questions, look forward to hearing from you!

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