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I know they said in the post that they would like feedback for the Datacrons so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.
1. I think that the entire squad requirement is a bit much and very limiting to players who arent 8 m gp. As I feel like that won't be going away what I think CG should do is that they should drop Levels 1-3 to be gear 13 required by the team, 4-6 to be R3 And 7-9 R5 with 9 staying the same. Now something I would like to add here is they should change what gear levels you can acquire with how many stars a character has. If you keep the squad requirement make g12 available for 4 star, g13 for 5 star and r3 for 6 stars. It feels so bad that any unit under 7 stars can't interact with these at all.
2. CG we just want to have fun. Why can't we use these in Conquest at the bare minimum. I would love to see these be available for all game modes not just pvp modes. don't change balance maybe give datacrons stamina and they lose 25 per battle so they cant be to abused but I mean you want us to whale on these and they disappear and we can only use them in 2 places? Feels worse than TW omnicrons you get to use 4 times a month. Like you would never ask us to put all this time and resources into mods to only say they can only be used in 2 spots.
3. Let us reroll stats sooner than maxing the datacron. It feels so bad and like a cash grab. Like why can't I reroll stats 1-2 after I hit level 3 on one datacron? Please change that. I don't want to spend time between mod farming and now rng fest on datacrons only for you to say "if you don't like this stat try a new one or max it out." If you want us to invest in them let us without needing to play rng with the whole thing or start new. At least with Mods it's a dime a dozen with how many you get and you don't need to use currency that is needed else where.
All in all I don't mind datacrons but they need some qol updates to make them a bit more sensible and no so restrictive. If you want us to enjoy them and not feel obligated to use them give us reasons and places to enjoy them. Side note I think the whole star idea in point 1 is really needed if you are not going to drop the full squad requirement part. Just want to emphasize that.
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