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Hey CG,

I get that you are trying to get me to buy something, and that's ok. We are bombarding by advertising thousands of times a day, but please make it more targetted. I have all 6 GL's, so I do not need these:

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  • They can't figure out simple QoL code, you think they can figure out targeted advertising?
  • Indeed.

    At 8M GP, I don’t need most of the packs. The ones I could make use of are way over-priced. This game is not worth spending any money on.

    I get 5-10 pop-ups a day. They tie them to device, not account, so when I switch to my phone, I get 10-20 per day. All they’ve done is train me to tap the screen rapidly to get them to dismiss.

    They use up the limited special event space to spam you with the beginner’s pack. I haven’t been a beginner in 4 years. You don’t even get shard store currency for the pack. It’d be a $90 donation to CG for no value. But I miss guild events and other special events because it must be on my screen, 24/7, for the last F#$*$ing 2 years.

    And the Conquest pack. You know what would be more useful than a shortcut to the Conquest pack? A shortcut to Conquest. Where they also advertise the Conquest pack in a way where you can actually see the value. So instead, you get an useless button for a pop-up that also squeezes out useful event shortcuts.
  • I’ve had these guys maxed out for years.

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  • I'm happy to get these scoundrel pop-ups. As it tells me an event is starting. And the thing with these scoundrel events is that they don't start at the regular event time.
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