Must be a visual bug

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Hey I just noticed that with the new datacrons I’ve upgraded mine to level 9 (max) and in arena it shows that my datacron is still only level 8. My shard mate checked my arena profile and it too shows that my datacron is only level 8 but it’s level 9 as I’m getting all the juicy overkill benefits for Kenobi. Anyone else noticed this possible visual bug?eqw18ytt4yfs.jpeg
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  • Lumiya
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    Yes, upgraded mine from level 2 to 3 and it still shows level 2.
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  • Legend91
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    Did you try to re-equip it?
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  • Yep, tried that.
  • Have you done a fight since upgrading it? Possibly it's saved as defence team at how it was when last used?
  • Lumiya
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    Have you done a fight since upgrading it? Possibly it's saved as defence team at how it was when last used?

    My Upgrade was 3 days ago and it hasn't changed, I've done fights, re-equipped the DC still no change.
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  • Yep nothing changes it. It’s very misleading. People can battle thinking they can beat you but then they fight you and lose. I think it’s unfair to players, for all we know that person that lost could have wasted crystals trying to beat a player without knowing it’s full power. Not cool @CG. Please fix this.
  • Ok so….UPDATE:
    I was in 5th place in arena and I dropped my datacron and attacked 2nd place. I won. Then I re-equipped the datacron and attacked 1st place and it now shows the level 9. Weird. 🥴
  • Hopefully only visual bug. But how can we be sure what DC feats opponent has. If i click on my profile it only shows a lvl 3 datacron, when i go into my team setup it shows the complete feats.

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