Hack is real, its like magic



  • My last node on GW yesterday less than 24 hrs after the new update had even made toon mods available I met a team with all 7 star, level 80, FULLY MODDED to the top level, toons. My best team did not even get a chance to fight back and was gone in 2 rounds. How is this possible? I can only think of 4 ways. 1) This person has hacked the game and has unlimited resources. 2) This person has enough money to purchase unlimited resources. 3) This person has saved their resources for months somehow knowing this update was coming and they better save up. 4) EA/Disney/Lucas put dummy teams out there at full strength to "encourage" players to spend money to keep up.

    I will not spend another dime on this game. It is either hacked or rigged or both.
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