Dev Insight: Raven's Claw

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[Kit Reveal - Dev Insight ]

Hi Holotable Heroes,
We are happy to introduce you to Raven’s Claw! Read below for more details.

The Basics:
  • Empowered by Foresight; gives Foresight to non-Scoundrel Rebel allies
  • Attacks can’t be evaded
  • Raven’s Claw provides greater benefits if Home One is Capital Ship

Unique Attributes:
  • Enemy gets Target lock when Raven’s Claw starts turn with Foresight
  • Raven’s Claw has more speed when it has Foresight
  • Raven’s Claw can basic attack twice when it has Foresight
  • Dispel enemy buffs when Raven’s Claw attacks twice
  • On enemy’s turn, random ally gets defense up, if enemy doesn’t attack a defense up target, the enemy get defense down
  • Raven’s Claw gains Foresight whenever an enemy is given Target Lock
  • When Foresight expires, ally earns Offense Up
  • Unique allows Non-Scoundrel Rebel allies to ignore taunt effects

  • Kyle Katarn had two ships across his appearances. The Moldy Crow was his original ship, but the version of Kyle Katarn that we have in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was crew on the Raven’s Claw, so we went with that ship
  • We made sure that this ship felt like it was crewed by a Force user with the ability names Force-Guided Laser Cannons, Battle Flow Manipulation, and the heavy reliance of Foresight through Guiding Foresight
  • Fun Fact: The original design has no visible weapons so we were given some freedoms in where and how the attacks for this ship looked

Strategy Tips:
  • Use Non-Scoundrel Rebel team under Home One
  • Strategize around Foresight effects to focus priority targets


Why is it non-Scoundrel Rebels as a restriction on several of his abilities?
For game-balance reasons we had to make sure that some of his abilities were kept in check

Isn’t Jan Ors the pilot of the Raven’s Claw?
Our units can only be crew on one ship, we want to leave design space open for potential future characters and ships

Why all the specific call outs to Home One? There isn’t another Rebel capital ship.
What a profound question

How do I acquire this ship?
There will be a Galactic Chase starting later this week
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