Update 7/6/2022

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Hello Holotable Heroes!

Today we bring to you a beefy Update which includes some tweaks to Datacrons for set 2.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and will be adjusting the Datacron economy a bit to make it easier for you to acquire Datacrons and their upgrade materials. We will continue to monitor feedback and progression of this feature through set 2 and adjust accordingly.

And without further ado, here are the update notes:

  • Economic Changes to Datacron Set 2: READ HERE
  • Raven's Claw has arrived! For a limited time, Raven's Claw blueprints are available as bonus rewards on all Cantina nodes.
  • 50R-T shards are now farmable from Dark Side 3-E (Hard). They replace Anakin Skywalker shards, which can still be farmed from Dark Side 1-B (Hard).
  • Omega has been added to the list of Accelerated Characters.
  • Season 29 GAC - July 18th - 3v3

  • Updated Tusken Raider's Omicron description to include the Unique of the summoned Tusken Raider
  • Inquisitors are now recognized as Unaligned Force Users for the “Hokey Religions” feat in Conquest
  • Fixed an issue where Mace Windu's Omicron would allow Light Side allies to dispel Stealth on enemies
  • Fixed issue which resulted in the event ability "Our Prey Nears" in the "Fanatical Devotion" Assault Battle not correctly attempting to inflict a stack of Purge when used.
  • Grand Inquisitor can now be used in the Dark Times Legendary event
  • Fixed issue where summoned Malgus at end of Hard Conquest could overlap with other summoned units
  • Fixed a bug where Vulture Droid does not assist as much as it should
  • Fifth Brother Leader Ability - Changed the word "Expires" to be "Consumed or Dispelled"
  • Changed description of Death Star GC Modifier for clarity
  • Updated Datacron material descriptions to indicate which set they support
  • Fixed an issue where the Jakku Space Modifier "Last Stand" wasn't showing up in battle (Functionality always worked, only the icon & description didn't show up)
  • Fixed bow string animation for Omega


Raddus has an issue with its Ultimate ability causing issues to device stability - the team is aware and looking into it.

Proving Ground Razor Crest issue update: Sometime in the near future we will be comping those who were affected by an issue that didn't allow you to attempt the battle when you should have been able to. Thank you for your patience.

Asajj Ventress - New Omicron ability tier added to her Rampage Unique ability which boosts Nightsister allies in Grand Arenas.

New Final Text: When any ally or enemy is defeated, Asajj gains 35% Turn Meter, and, gains 15% Offense, 15% Critical Chance, and 5% Max Health (stacking) until the end of the encounter. Asajj has +15 Speed for each enemy with no buffs.

While in Grand Arenas: Nightsister allies gain 30% Max Health, Potency, and Tenacity. When any ally or enemy is defeated, all Nightsister allies gain 10% Turn Meter, recover 25% Protection, and the cooldown of Endless Wrath is reset. When Asajj uses Endless Wrath, inflict Healing Immunity on all enemies for 2 turns and reduce their Defense and Max Health by 4% for the rest of the encounter (excludes Galactic Legends). Asajj has +10% Critical Damage for each enemy with debuffs.
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