Day 1 player, Datacrons seriously making me want to quit

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I very rarely post here, but i have to speak up. Datacrons are quite simply the worst thing to ever happen to the game. I've been playing ever since the game came out, spent a fair bit of cash and enjoyed learning the counters and strategies over the years. However pvp is just total **** now and many proven strategies are redundant. There is the clearest link ever now between spending and success in pvp.

I really hope they scrap datacrons otherwise for the first time in 6.5 years I'll be gone. At the very least they should not work on GLs, that could be a compromise I think some could live with.

Like many here I've invested probably 1000s of hours into this game and enjoyed it for the most part, but now I feel its coming to an end, which is quite sad.
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    As much as users complain, datacron development probably already paid for itself by the initial payers buying into the system.

    Most micro transaction companies don't mind slapping around their users as long as they keep coming back. Frankly they probably don't care if some quit as long as the new revenue source generates more income than what they lost from users exiting the game. This is particularly likely given an older game.
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