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It's July 11, and there is no event calendar posted for July. I understand that you're doing your best trying to milk players to the max with your inquisitors/datacron mania, but you could take 10 minutes to maybe post the event calendar? Or is that too much to ask?
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  • I, too, was wondering about that 10 days ago.

    I was pretty cheesed when I found out that they buried it in a post with a different name so you could just look for the calendar by itself.

    It's not any extra work to copy/paste the calendar your boss gave you into a new OP than it is to copy/paste it onto the bottom of a completely unrelated OP.

    I mean, if you're going to do that don't you have to title it "UPDATE NOTES AND JULY EVENT CALENDAR"?

    Or, not, if you don't actually **want** to communicate effectively.
  • Thanks guys. I didn't realize it was posted in the update notes. I guess I assumed it'd get a relevant title, something like "July event calendar" 😂
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    CG doesn't read their own forum. There have been several posts regarding this and it would take a community manager less than 5 minutes to repost it in the proper channel with the proper title, but 2 weeks into the month they're still hiding from their datacron disaster. Communication is a two way street and CG refuses to try on either side. They don't say anything and don't listen.
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    I have tagged meathead on this. I will probably just post it myself soon.
  • Gotta hand it to Meathead, he repairs his mistake with quite some charm 😂
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    Closing as it's now been posted.
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