Lost Google account reset

Yes, it's one of these. For the last year, I've been stuck using my crummy iPad (which is dying a slow and painful death) in order to keep playing Swgoh. I (foolishly!) created an account and linked it to a school account hosted by Google. The email was a .edu account. I don't have access to it anymore. All of my attempts to explain this to SWGoH tech support have fallen on deaf and/or incompetent ears. I DO NOT want to buy a new iPad. I have been playing this game for four years and just want to use my Android device to play. I pretty much have to get SWGoH devs to either listen or quit playing altogether. Does anyone--ANYONE--know how to get me in touch with someone who doesn't read answers off of a script? Someone who can actually help me get my now NONEXISTENT google account delinked from my character? This is just absurd.


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    Did you link your game to Facebook? If your current account is tied to your Apple ID and you’re trying to get it ported to Android, it’s impossible to port the game data over. It’s not something CG developers have anything to do with; it’s built into the design of iOS and Android. They’re 2 different operating systems. Most app games nowadays have the ability to link the game to a social media account to aid in the transfer of game data if someone decides to switch operating systems. Not doing this step means the different operating systems have no way to communicate
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