Grand Arena League changes?

After finishing the latest round of Grand Arena, I was listed as Aurodium V with a skill rating of 2550. My account as of today (July 12) also lists me as Aurodium V. Hours later, I just received my Arena payout email with all of my goodies, but it said I'm now relegated to Chromium III. Have the skill ratings thresholds changed for what League you fall under now? It seems that 2550 now falls under Chromium and not Aurodium?


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    If you are in aurodium 5 at the end of the season, you are guaranteed to be relegated, regardless of current skill rating.

    All of div 5 of each league gets relegated, all of div 1 of each league gets promoted. Then your current skill rating is compared to that league's boundaries and there you go.

    They have in the past moved the skill level limits as well but I don't know if they have this time. I have an account right at the bottom edge of k2, and it didn't get moved, so I presume not for kyber at least.
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    Thank you, Winterwolves. Had no idea that Leagues sort of get "reset" after each season.
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