Bronzium data cards, multi cards opening

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Hello, i have a struggle, every time i have over 10k ally points its a pain in the a** for me to open data cards, because i need to tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap x times to open one at a time... Can we somehow suggest them to add x10 data cards openint or x50 or x100, because at 50k ally points... Man i am not going to spend them opening one card at a time...
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    Oh man, this has been suggested all right... for many times...
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    CG doesn't want to bother with the (relatively) simple process of coding that feature, as it would allow players to more efficiently use their resources and be a huge QoL update.

    CG: Neither of those things will make us money? Never gonna' happen.
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    It's probably a very complicated feature to program but I'm confident that CG will find a way!
    For the time being / alternatively you can use hotutils (1 month subscription) for mass bronzium openings.
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    Given the recent development of the datacrons store, I am surprised that we’ve seen another one of these threads.
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