The Razorcrest Bug & Tomorrow’s Executor Event

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So, I was one of the unfortunate people affected by the most recent Proving Grounds bug that locked me out of the Razorcrest event without being at max stars. I’m currently at 80/100 and would be ready for tomorrow’s Executor event if not for the bug. Is CG planning on making this right or what?


  • "I think tomorrow some things will be going out, I need to double check that" -CG Tusken Meathead 7/13/22

    "I believe 3 things are being done in tomorrows server that folks have been asking for, I'm just trying to get confirmation on it" -CG Tusken Meathead 7/13/2022

    According to what he said yesterday on the SWGOH events discord we might be getting an update today with the make good
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