Server Update + Comps

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

A server update will be going out to take care of these 3 things:

Territory War comp: Folks who got Datacron 1 materials will be given Datacron 2 materials, people who got Datacron 2 materials will get Datacron 1 materials.

Razor Crest comp: Folks who were eligible to complete the Razor Crest proving grounds but were unable to will be given RC Shards

Fixed an issue where some players with poor connections may have experienced their units being consumed without being able to start battle in GAC.

SEE Update: If you were someone who had an issue with the SEE event, please put in a CS Ticket explaining your situation as this will be handled on an individual basis. If you had already put one in and it was not resolved, please put in one more.

Thank you for your patience.
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