COME JOIN THE REBELLION! IMPERIAL REBELLION 940 – 350+m Independent, US-Based (all players welcome).


IMPERIAL REBELLION 940 is an independent guild that is focused on guild events and individual player growth.

We have knowledgeable members who enjoy helping players develop their rosters to meet their personal in-game goals as well as engaged and responsive leadership . We are looking for active daily players who will join us in our quest towards more Geo TB stars, KAM shards and Droid Brains. ( We stream our KAM battles and experienced players will coach you through your attempt. )

• 6.5 Million GP and 2 Gls and Executor (or close)
• KAM ready! (Streaming strongly encouraged.)
• 400 Daily Tickets Minimum (600 encouraged)
• Participation in TB & TW
• Communicate and be responsive to officers
• Discord required
• 3.0 ModQ, 4.0 Omega

• CPit on farm
• TB: DS GEO 31★ (36 Wat), LS GEO 24★ (31+ KAM)
• US East time zone
• A winning TW strategy with Droid Brains on farm!

• Lysana (GL) - Lysana#0261
• Tony - tonycuz24#0855
• Darth Traya – Darth Traya#4093
• Daemon - KillerKodiak69#3484

Please feel free to DM me or one of our other recruiting officers if you have any questions.


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