Some Small Tweaks to Datacrons

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I'm not going to make suggestions that have no chance of being implemented IMO, so some obvious ones I'll ignore. But two changes would go a long way with me:

Re-rolling -- Please change re-rolling to not have a progressive cost increase. All that does is create an unnecessary sense of anxiety that through bad luck you might be priced out of getting the composition you want. That's a frustrating experience and one that I'm hearing about a lot from other players.

Team Relic Requirements -- Please remove the team relic requirements. This is extremely limiting and makes us not want to interaction with datacrons. Any toons below the threshold should simply not get the benefits (similar to how DS toons are with LS datacron bonuses), rather than detracting from the rest of the team.


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    Okay, I reckon I was more open-minded about datacrons than most, even defending them against naysayers, but now that TW is back and datacrons are in full swing, it's very, very obvious they are destructive to the game. Having bonuses for GLs was a massive mistake, and horrifically unfun. I've never said this before, but I think CG may have destroyed the game with this (hopefully just temporarily).
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  • Just 1 small tweak... Get rid of them
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  • At the very least, they need less level 9 abilities. The randomness is INSANE. It took me four rerolls to get the right SEE level 9 ability. It's ridiculous just to stay competitive
  • Agree with Degs29. Allowing them on GL is a disaster. My top 10 in SA is all LV teams, no way past. In TW, the team with most LVs will win as you'll waste teams trying to take him down.

    My suggestions would be:
    1) To make them inactive if a GL is on the team.
    2) Tweak the incoming sets so that each character bonus is a benefit against 1 or 2 teams only e.g. There's an (Omicron or Datacron ??) ability that gives immunity to instakill, that's obviously of benefit against a JMK/CAT or SEE/Nihilus team but not much help elsewhere. The previous JMK Datacron that ignored protection would have been great on normal toons to counter JMK or JML teams etc.
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    Who cares if they're in arena?
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  • From the rewards point of view - no one (I assume). From a demonstration of game imbalance point of view - more (I assume).
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