Why isn't Lando Blue Pants a smuggler

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So it seems ludicrous to me that Lando Blue Pants isn't a smuggler. Han Red Stripes is, but Blue Pants isn't.

In the movie 'The Empire Strikes Back', Blue Pants trilled out the line:

"How you doin', you old pirate? So good to see you!"

This showed:

A. He's in the trade and knows the terms.
B. The intonation on 'pirate' being an inside joke that he's one too.
C. He didn't use the term 'smuggler' as being in the trade (but semi retired) he knew he could get Han Red Stripes in trouble.

However, Lando Blue Pants is a rebel figher!!! Is he really a rebel and when was he ever a figher!!! At this stage of his life did Mon Mothma or Green Father Christmas Endor Fighter even know or know of Lando Blue Pants??

I'm not directly asking for the Rebel Fighter tag to be removed, but come on.....I'm sure he was organizing smuggles into Cloud City all the time! He's much much MUCH more of a Smuggler!

If old Blue Pants isn't an old pirate, I don't know who is!

Do you agree or disagree?

A: He should be a smuggler.


B: He shouldn't be a Rebel Fighter.

Which do YOU think? A or B!
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