Star Wars: The Book of Droid Persecution (includes spoilers) Come on CG do the right thing!!

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For nearly all of us that like Star Wars; our favourite characters are guys in helmets that make them look like robots, or the robots themselves.

After all the core 9 movies are basically a story of R2D2, his golden droid sidekick and all the friends they meet along the way. We see him rise to the top of the Galactic Senate, beating the odds of the most powerful jedi ever, becoming a dark lord and still coming out on top.
Then single handed rescuing the death star plans and handing them over to the rebels. He then basically soloed the death star like an enchanter support 1 v 9ing in League of Legends. After that he..... Anyway, I'm getting off of topic!

Star Wars has made us so invested in the Droids that when Han had a light saber stuck through his belly we were all 'Meh, just don't kill the droids of the wookie....NEXT'.
However, I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't watch the movie 'Black Hole' and not be reduced to a whaling tear machine when 'BOB' disappears into space!

So with Star Wars making us so invested in the droids, why has the modern version 'Disney Wars' started persecuting them so callously?

Rogue 1: A great movie about an Imperial droid that fought his protocol and turned good. Unremorsefully slaughtered by those he once served.

Solo, a story of a strong female role model. One of the best droids ever! Who didn't get aroused in the scene where she liberated the Falcon? We all know Lando did! One of the best characters in years..........what was her fate? Blown to blinking bits!

We then got The Mandalorian trailers. And as one we were 'OMG OMG OMG IT'S THE RETURN OF IG88!!' Well it turns out it wasn't IG88, but a similar droid called IG11. But oh how we loved him, and he's going to be a main character that...........oh they killed him off!

But nooooooooooooooo, he's back. He's been put back together! And now he's a good guy! And and and he's awesome and he's going to be Mando's perma sidekick and they'll have amazing adventures and .............oh they killed him off..........again.

Was this enough droid persecution by clearly hateful writers of this show? Noooooooooooooo let's take one of the funniest actors in Richard Ayoade and put him in this AMAZINGLY AWESOME looking bounty hunter droid. Q-09 or Ziro. They've learnt their lesson right? No more killing off supersonic droid characters? Nahhhhhhhhhh didn't last an episode.........

Well now, lets add some salt to that circuit wound. Clearly the most awesome of awesomest IMP troopers of all time the Dark Troopers will have to be the plague of Mando for the whole next series...........oh wait......Luke Snorewalker wipes them all out in 20 seconds...........more prejudice by one of the most unnecessary side characters in the movies.

The backlash from the community for all of this hate was clear and justifiable. So did they learn their lessons. NO, AGAIN THEY HINTED AT A RENOWNED BOUNTY HUNTING DROID (4-LOM) and again they killed it off in seconds. What a missed opportunity and Oh how we raged at that!
Then to cap it all, the cute little droid of Leia's was stamped on. The message is clear here from Disney 'Droids have been too pivotal in Lucas's Stars Wars, and they need to be kept underfoot! In this day and age we shouldn't see such blatant hatred on our TV....or laptops.

Who cares at this point if Kenobi rescused Leia, just rescue the droid OB Wan and take her home fix her up. Oh and by the way DIG UP THAT BLOODY DROID IN TATOOINE GARDEN AND STOP TREATING THE POOR THING LIKE A COFFIN/DOORBELL!

To their credit, this clearly hasn't been lost on CG. Initially there was little love for Droids in Galaxy of Heroes, but because they were so disgusted (like us) with Disney's persecution of our metallic buddies they did the right thing. HK YAWNY 7 was so bad, they introduced a faction and some side characters to support him. Now with the support of his Sith Empire sidekicks, he's awesome again.

B (for boring) 2 and IG -100 were lost in space. However the CG droid pityball rolled their way too. Now they're freaking awesome with one of the most entertaining factions out there. No hokey pokey light saber feats in Conquest stop them! The seppy droids make the hokey pokey a binary number!

After this the support for droids in CG (and their clear disgust for how blinking Disney clearly despised them) was on full automated roll! We got L3..............the best tank out there!!! Also a new chewie...........YOWZERS!.........let's make him an uber droid too! Then we got IG11...............the best tank out there!! Oh and Dark Trooper............who hits harder than a home made full strength bottle of scrumpy at a 12 year olds disco!

They're even now pulling super droids out of the air. 50R-T ain't even in Star Wars, but the message is clear........sticking it in the face of the hateful Disney. We don't care about big eared Mice, we care about BIIP BEEP droids!'s clear where we go from here. There can only be one choice for the next Galactic Legend. Star Warses main dude.

GALACTIC........JEDI........SUPER................MASTER..........R2 D2
COME CG DO THE RIGHT THING! I want to be using the GJSMR2 acronym by Christmas!
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  • What on earth are you rambling on about?
  • What on earth are you rambling on about?

  • Did you say Solo was about a strong female role model? I wasn’t aware Han Solo transitioned
  • Did you say Solo was about a strong female role model? I wasn’t aware Han Solo transitioned

    Han Solo? He was in it?

    L3 37 'A solo droid, misunderstood and alone in the Galaxy!'
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    Please take a pill or go to bed. I doubt anyone's interested in your blog
  • I didn't read any of that, did he type the entire book into a post?
  • Harsh! :(

    All that work I put in, and you guys treat me like Disney treat Leia's little droid!
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    I think he copied his diary. Nobody normal gets aroused by robots and posts about it on the forums otherwise

    nobody normal posts in these forums either
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    Ultra wrote: »
    I think he copied his diary. Nobody normal gets aroused by robots and posts about it on the forums otherwise

    nobody normal posts in these forums either

    It's ok Ultra.

    Mice and Mice Droids. Kick em, and kick em again when they're down.

    Fortunately CG cares ............................ about droids.

  • I've been preaching a Droid GL R2 for a while in Twitch chats.
  • Wow I read several paragraphs and realized I was going crazy, then scrolled to see it kept on going for quite a while.
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    I have no idea what all that was
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid?
  • Oh give the mouse a break you miserable lot. They were just trying to be lighthearted. It didn’t quite make it to humour - and granted went on a bit (mouse, you need to Murder your Darlings sometimes). But, you know, nothing wrong with riffing on a silly idea.

    If you want endless diatribes about how evil CG is and how awful the game is making your already tedious and intolerable existence - well, see all other threads.

  • Tl;dr

    There's no synopsis here, it was just too long so I didn't read it.
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    So I actually did read this, because droid rights in Star Wars is something I actually care about, and it's appalling the way the characters objectify them (though we get some strong relationships between the main characters and their droids).

    Though I'm not sure why the OP thinks that droids dying is some kind of anti-droid sentiment by Disney. Specifically when they mention Solo, which gave us one of the most upfront examinations of the droid rights issue in any live action Star Wars media. It also shows Lando struggling with real loss at her death, which is beyond what we've seen before (though I would argue that he seems to get over it kind of quickly and maybe should have fought harder to keep the Falcon, given that it's where L3 now lives).

    At any rate, there is a piece of feedback for the game buried in here, but I moved it to Off Topic, since that's mostly what it is.
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    Wizzyard wrote: »

    There's no synopsis here, it was just too long so I didn't read it.

    There's a conclusion, and an overall topic. You skim through it (not saying anybody should) and read the conclusion, that's synoptic, isn't it?
  • Well, actually George Lucas said the entire Saga was completely about Anakin. Also, how long have you been awake?
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    Lucas has said a ton of things.
    The CGDF requests that CG takes away everyone's Extra Life Charity Event rewards. We don't deserve them.
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