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[ Developer Insights - Kit Reveal ]

Hi Holotable Heroes,
Krrsantan, the vicious Wookiee warrior, is coming to the holotables!

Krrsantan is a Bounty Hunter Tank who specializes in protecting his Hutt Cartel allies. His Special ability, Dismember, introduces a new debuff Disarm. Disarm reduces a unit's Critical Damage and Offense and inflicts them with Damage Over Time whenever they use a Basic ability. Hutt Cartel allies stack Offense when critically hit through his Leader ability, Formidable Ferocity, and Krrsantan can gain Taunt and recover Health and Protection through his Special ability Ferocious Fusillade.
His Unique ability, Champion of the Fighting Pits, grants him additional Defense and Max Health, along with Health and Protection recovery when he loses Taunt. If all allies are Hutt Cartel, he also Taunts at the beginning of the encounter and will revive at the end of the allied Leader's turn the first time he is defeated. The Omicron for this ability focuses on Grand Arenas where he gains additional Max Protection and, if all allies are Hutt Cartel, he is immune to Ability Block and cooldown increase.
Add Krrsantan to your roster by unlocking him in the upcoming “ONE INFAMOUS WOOKIEE” Marquee event!

The Basics:
  • Works well as the core of a second Bounty Hunter squad or as part of Galactic Legend, Jabba the Hutt’s primary squad.
  • Multiple ways to gain Taunt with additional Taunt synergy.
  • Bounty Hunter contract that requires your team to defeat the opposing leader.
  • Omicron for the Grand Arena game mode which further enhances his tanking capabilities.

Unique Attributes:
  • Second Bounty Hunter tank to help add flexibility for Bounty Hunter teams.
  • Introduces the new Hutt Cartel tag which has deep synergistic ties to Galactic Legend, Jabba the Hutt.
  • “Down but not out” - if defeated, Krrsantan can be revived when you need him most through his Unique ability, Champion of the Fighting Pits.
  • Introduces the Disarm debuff, a unique and potent effect with a similar power level to Traya’s Isolate or Thrawn’s Fracture debuffs.
    • Disarm: -50% Critical Damage and Offense (doesn't stack with Critical Damage Down or Offense Down); whenever this character uses a Basic ability, they gain Damage Over Time for 2 turns, which can't be resisted

  • Krrsantan’s history stretches back to the first issue of the Darth Vader comic and he’s had a lot of different careers.
  • Dismember pays off the Wookiee reputation of ripping people’s arms off, with the Damage Over Time standing in for a character bleeding out.
  • His Bounty Hunter Contract (defeat the enemy Leader) really leans into how he was hired by the Twins to take out Boba Fett.
  • Champion of the Fighting Pits was inspired by the fact that he’s so hard to keep down and he will reappear at a critical moment.

Strategy Tips:
  • Utilize the power of Disarm on particularly powerful foes to reduce their offensive power.
  • Stack Defense and Health mods to further improve his resilience.
  • Very synergistic with Hutt Cartel tag characters.
  • How many instances of Disarm can be active at once?
    • Similar to Grand Admiral Thrawn’s “Fracture”, or Traya’s “Isolate” only one instance of the “Disarm” debuff can be active at a time
  • Will there be any existing characters getting the “Hutt Cartel” tag?
    • Yes! These characters will be getting the Hutt Cartel tag; Boba Fett, Embo, Cad Bane, Greedo, Gamorrean Guard, Mob Enforcer
  • Jabba the WHAT? Where can I find out more?
    • We made the announcement in today’s State of the Galaxy that Jabba is our next Galactic Legend coming to Galaxy of Heroes. You can read all about it HERE.

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