Lucrative Future Galactic Legend: Revan (Reborn)

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Galactic Legend, Leader, Unaligned Force User, Mandalorian, Old Republic, Sith Empire

In 2018, Calastar did a kit for the character:


Phase I

-Darth Revan: Relic 8

-Jedi Knight Revan: Relic 8

-Darth Malak: Relic 9

-Carth Onasi: Relic 6

-Sith Fighter: 7 Stars

Phase II

-Sith Empire Trooper: Relic 5

-Sith Assassin: Relic 5

-HK-47: Relic 7

-Bastila Shan: Relic 7

-Bastila Shan (Fallen): Relic 7

Phase III

-Juhani: Relic 6

-Jolee Bindo: Relic 6

-Canderous Ordo: Relic 7

-Darth Traya: Relic 8

-Darth Nihilus: Relic 6

Phase IV

-Darth Sion: Relic 5

-T3-M4: Relic 5

-Mission Vao: Relic 6

-Zaalbar: Relic 6

-Visas Marr- Relic 5
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    What about an update for the kit? I think it would be cool if reborn Revan had at least one ability from each JKR and DR

    Edit: or maybe even the first character to have two basics, and both are from DR and JKR
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  • It would be cool if he had a ability that has a 40 percent chance to insta kill a enemy and a 60 percent chance to take 50 percent damage
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