Is there an issue with GAC? Unable to participate, keep getting errors when i start battle.

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Not sure what to do about this, i put a ticket in but they take forever to reply usually.

I've tried on my Phone, Tablet and the PC, yet no matter the device i use, i keep getting the exact same error message when i go to start the battle. (it only happens in GAC, i can battle everywhere else just fine).
Been trying for the past few hours now and havent had any luck.

Any thoughts?

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  • I'm having the same issue. Was forced to install the game on a Chromebook to at least get a fight in while they figure out they broke the game for at least some of us.
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    I suppose you could try uninstalling/reinstalling, but it sounds like the game doesn't like your connection. Would you be able to try on different wifi networks or on data?

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