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There’s far too much info out there to digest on being KAM ready, so I’m asking for a shorter version. Some months I have more time to spare. With that in mind:

What’s the bare minimum to complete the mission?

What’s the minimum to complete the mission consistently with some skill?

What’s the minimum to complete the skill without trying that hard?
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    Speaking as someone who can beat the mission but not consistently - feels hard to quantify the "minimum".
    Relics, mods, knowledge/skills, and rng are all very important. I guess r5 across the board? And almost all the guides I've seen give some ideal ranges on health and speed you want to mod them to have. And then you need to understand the mechanics and have some basic idea about when to do what, so that you can at follow those flow charts you find.

    I don't know what the no-tryhards minimum is. Full r8 maybe?
  • I think there was a video of r3 or r5 bad batch breezing through it
  • I think there was a video of r3 or r5 bad batch breezing through it
    The OP wants clarity, not vague guesses.

    All the sources I’ve seen suggest Bad Batch have a worse success rate than the standard Shaak + 501st lineup.

    I only began beating the mission consistently when taking Shaak, ARC, Echo and 5s to r7. Rex never seemed to need to be as high as them.
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    KAM mission has so many moving parts its impossible to give a "bare minimum".

    1. Relic levels
    2. Mods
    3. Tactic
    4. RNG

    You can minimize one of 1-3, but the other two must then be at higher level.
    And whatever you do no. 4. can still bite you in the ****.

    I guess R5 is a base level you can assume a win once in a while with ok tactics/mods and RNG.

    If you don`t learn the mechanics I don`t think it can be pulled off consistently, even withs all R8 toons. But ofc R8 would forgive some misplays.
  • Legend91
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    Iirc I was starting to get some consistency with an ~R4 average on the team with Shaak + Rex being on the lower relics and Fives + ARC being a bit higher (Fives stat sharing is super important and you wnat to have at least 1 of the damage dealers quite high). This was ofc with knowing how to play and putting optimized mod setups on that team.

    I wouldn't try to go for a bare minimum. You might win with a full R2-3 team if the stars align but what's the point if that's the case in like 2/10 battles?

    Advised minimum:
    Shaak - R3
    Rex - R3
    ARC - R5
    Echo - R3
    Fives - R5

    For more consistency:
    Shaak - R5
    Rex - R3
    ARC - R7
    Echo - R5
    Fives - R7

    Easy life:
    Shaak - R7
    Rex - R3
    ARC - R8
    Echo - R7
    Fives - R7-8
    Legend#6873 | YouTube | swgoh.gg
  • I collected stats for KAM missions in a fairly high end guild when it was “new” & have the following advice:
    —> Streaming support/personal expertise is the most important factor.
    RECOMMENDATIONS: (based on 300 KAM attempts)
    Assuming Zoom Calls/Significant Experience.
    Minimum recommended gear
    Echo AND Arc at R6 and R7 Fives
    77% success rate
    Upgrade Option 1 (Most Beneficial)
    Upgrade Arc to R7
    >80% success rate
    Upgrade Option 2
    R6+ Shaak Ti and/or(?) Avoidance Arrow with Speed
    >80% success rate
    Do BOTH upgrades…..
    >90% success rate
  • To explain Shaak Ti better:
    R5 = 58% success rate (Dodge = 10.67%)
    R6 = 81% success rate (Dodge = 14.25%)
    R7 = 85% success rate (Dodge = 17.67%)
    If Shaak Ti dies early your run is usually over. Higher Relics =
    more H+P and >Dodge. Also, CArrow with decent speed
    secondary gives 35% Crit. avoidance.
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