GAC: Roster Resave doesn't Update Datacrons

Hey All -
I noticed in this last GAC join period that when I did the "Roster Resave" function that my datacrons that had been upgraded didn't get saved and updated for the GAC round.

My usual flow is to join GAC fairly early when the new period starts so I don't forget about it in case work gets too busy, and then I always do a "Roster Resave" as soon as I make any major changes. In this instance, I was able to gear Malgus one more level and I upgraded several Datacrons, and while the "Roster Resave" does appear to have updated Malgus, the updated Datacrons are not present when I try to edit my Defenses.

Has anyone else seen or experienced this? Is this a known issue? Feels like a Bug to me.
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