Iden Versio Animations too Slow

The animations for Iden's two special abilities are rather long. Especially "Push Forward" which has her small droid leave attack and then return to her back. It looks cool, don't get me wrong, but too long. Iden teams can take time to wear down with all their regeneration. Yes, I could just OP it, and burn a strong team, but GAC is about efficiency, especially when I am 2 GL player going up against 6 GLs. If someone wants to watch the animations, they can set at 1 or 2x speed. But at 4x speed, you could skip parts of the animation. I checked and her specials are 2-3x longer than the average animation. Those are precious seconds lost. I use FO with Hux against Iden to stop the TM gains, and several times, I have killed all the adds with just Iden left, and I have her halfway killed when I time out. I probably only need 20s more or so to kill her. And, that's after some practice where I am button pushing at my fastest.
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