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Hey guys!
Right now I am slowly working towards JKL (farming Hoda and Wampa). Meanwhile farming Juhani to 7* to get Darth Revan. So I am thinking, when I get JKL, it is not that far from JML.
Should I go for JML right away after JKL ? Am I good to go for GL or is there something else what I should farm before GL ?

Thanks in advance

here is my roster


  • Arghh, just wrote a long reply and it disappeared.
    Summary, I’d suggest
    Imperial Troopers - Veers(R3) , Piett (R8) , Starck (R3) , Range + Dark
    Empire - EP (R7), Vader (R7) , Thrawn (R6), RG (R3) + TFP (R5)
    —> Plus farm Tie Bomber, EPs Shuttle & Empire ships
    MM - MM(R5) , Biggs (R3), Wedge (R3), Lando (R5), Cara (G12+)
    BH - Bossk (R5), Boba Fett (R8), Greef (G12+), Mando (G12+), Dengar (R5)

    These teams cover several areas:
    1) Get you closer to JML, SEE, BAM and Executor
    2) Cover two ABattles to CT3 (max) + Sith help with a 3rd AB. BHs cover Galactic Bounties.
    3) Strengthen your Empire and Rebel fleets

    Note that your eventual MM team will be different e.g. Hoth Scout, Pao, Kyle and Cara. Also you will still need to farm Razor Crest and several other upgrades for Executor. However, none of the above is “extra” and all are needed in the unlock process.
  • Also for unlocking BAM —>Cara, Greef and Mando can be lower geared than G12…’s an easy event.
    I suggested G12+ because then they aren’t dead weight on their respective teams.
    Likewise if you aren’t ready for Executor and go for JML first: hold off R7 & 8 on Piett/Boba and settle for R5-ish while you get Razor Crest etc….
  • Should I go for JML right away after JKL ?

    Yes. He is arguably the best GL in the game (Data crons, R9) but for sure he has the most worthwhile grind in the game.
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