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Okay I have a really long question. I was gonna finish relicing my cls regardless. But after that I was gonna stabilize my account and relic some teams such as gg droids and padme. But should I (after cls) work on my mon mothma team to build a Rebel fleet/ work on jml requirements instead? Biggs, wedge, Rebel y wing, mothma, and a few others. Then go back to stabilizing or just keep doing what I'm doing?

Biggs and wedge ships are done and they are 7* and I almost have a 7* Mil F. Plus home 1 is 7*
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    it will help a lot if you have (or make) a swgoh .gg account to share your roster.

    without knowing your full roster, relicing GG droids and padme is a good idea as that can lead you to getting General Skywalker. Plus GG can fight off some SEE teams, starkiller, and a few others, while padme can help against some JMK teams (though without CAT it harder), and a few others.

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