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  • Yup. Guy in my guild hovered around 50-100 before DCs. He's a light spender. I was a 150-350 range as well, with very light spending.

    I've completely checked out of this season, so I can't say how he's doing now. But I know he stopped trying hard.
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    Have fun losing!

    With or without datacrons scoundrels are outmatched by force users, so nothing changed for me, why bother?

    Have a second team.

    Datacons provide zero incentive to gear up a team though, because by the time your team is ready the datacon has expired.

    *rubs forehead temples*

    Datacrons. Are not. Why. You. Build. Two. Teams.

    *rubs forhead and then temples*

    You. Don't. Need. Every. Character. At. Relic. Levels. In. A. Squad. For. It. To. Work. Perfectly. Fine.

    Don't you though? Can you even equip a DC with characters in the squad under R3?


    That's their point - there are many, many teams that don't need to be at R3 to be effective. And the short term of Datacrons doesn't make it worth the investment in bringing the characters to R3+ over other characters that are more needed/useful at R3+ in their teams in perpetuity without a Datacron boost. It's a poor choice to allocate the resources just to complete R3 for a Datacron team.

    This is what I meant, thank you!
    In a resource management game it is smart to only relic those characters that really need to be relic. Not every toon in a squad needs to be relic. If a toon does what they do at g12 just as good, it's a lot wiser to not "waste" those relic mats on it and instead use them for a character that needs them. Especially when you're a new/ mid game player. Instead of 1 full relic squad, you get 2-3 squads that work just the same as long as essential toons are high enough... which is obviously more effective.
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    Still, I get why people are mad about them, some people enjoy the competitiveness of the game, yet there's no chance on remain competitive at the top level if you're not whaling on Datacrons.

    You're not staying competitive at the top level without whaling anyway, so the complaining is moot.

    I would absolutely challenge this statement. There are plenty of non-whaling players in top 100 (not me). But with DC it's getting very very difficult.

    Challenge it all you want, 99.99% of people could not stay competitive in the top 200 (let alone higher) without whaling.

    Can a very select few? Sure, but the people whining about it weren't, so it's still moot.
  • I have many issues with them. 1 they are temporary which is just sleazy no matter what game or company released it. 2 they are massively overpowered. 3 they sold them as boosting older unused teams but they concentrated them on GLs which nobody thinks needed them. 4 it is a slap in the face of all players whales and F2P alike that teams you spent the effort to gear up for these events can be made worthless by a lucky role of a datacron.
    Now I have protested the only way I can by not putting a single resource into upgrading the datacrons I get and to no longer give CG $$$. They may not miss my $10 a month in conquest or other random purchases I would make but I am sticking to my principles. If they want me to start spending again they need to give me an option to sign up for GAC and TW with datacrons disabled. That way people that don't want to deal with them can ignore them. People that want to use and invest in them can get bonus R9 mats or something.
  • Don't use them. CG obviously doesn't care how much we complain or what feedback we give. They only care about numbers. If we complain but still use them, what's their incentive to remove or even change them? Actions speak louder than words.

    I tried them. I don't like them. I've stopped using them. I've removed them from my Squad Arena team and my GAC defense. I ask my GAC opponents to do the same.

    Sure whales are going to whale on them and use them. Fine. Let them fight each other. I'm going to lose to someone who whales on datacons anyway. There's no way I'm putting any money or other resources into temporary upgrades.

    Personally, I think it's insulting and disrespectful to the player base to expect us to rent upgrades for a mobile game.

    Even if CG won't get rid of datacons, we can still be civilized as a community and not use them.

    Be the change you want to see.

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    Well said, also I can't believe paying for non permanent buffs is legal, but ok...
    Why wouldn't it be?

    Pay me fifty bucks and I'll write 'Stronk!' on your forehead in Sharpie. Temporary buff, totally legal. :D
  • Everything is temporary, especially in a digital game that won’t be able playable after the servers are shut down.
    The gambling aspects of this game is not entirely legal in all countries, but that was an issue long before datacrons.
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    I built exactly one Datacrab and made it level 5. It's a fun gimmick but that's about it, never bothered to even look at the others.

    I'm in GAC Kyber and don't play 3v3 for 95% of the time, only doing one battle to get rewards. I'm in top 100 in both arenas without even trying or caring much about it these days. Being a very light spender with around 10 Euro per month played i'm still here after over six years and i'm doing fine.
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  • I agree, but would limit the action to a more realistic hope of just no one pays money to use them. But we know they will as to some winning is some kind of life vindication
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