CONFIRMED! C-pit Gamorrean, Lionel Messi's cousin!

So.............I was doing the ever fun C-pit today, and the Gamorrean Guard did a 'no look'!

He looked straight at my character in the 5th slot. "That's fine" I thought, "He's a tank!" Then 'no looked' stabbed my leader in the face! To make sure I noticed it, and to show it wasn't a fluke he did it perfectly another 2 times!

It was clearly obvious that from the skill and style, that he got this from his cousin Messi; who does a 'no look pass' in exactly the same way! (if you don't know a Messi no look, youtube it!)

When Messi does a 'no look' you clap, applaud and laugh!

When the Gamo does it, you slap (your phone), roar and barf!

Is the difficult C-pit the place for such blatant over the top showing off? What's in the next update? A Djokovic style backwards through the legs stab to the eye? Gamoreans appearing juggling axes with a blindfold, that they flings at your teams' hairy chestnuts?

A normal hit is frustrating enough, but a green pig guy blatantly showing off, while taking out your best players.........It's too much, and is just going to make the community rage and roar.........and they do enough of that already!

Come on CG, do the right thing no more football tricks in difficult raids!


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