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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Conquest Volume 7 begins soon and shards for a new character, Ben Solo, will be available for a limited time in this mode! Through the power of a Force Dyad, Ben lifts Rey to new power levels.

Ben's abilities bring damage to Light Side and Rey led teams, with his Basic ability, A Shadow Within, dealing more damage to tanks and his Special ability, Family Legacy, inflicting Armor Shred. In Grand Arenas with an Omicron upgrade on his Unique ability Redeemed, his attacks also ignore protection.

Through his Force Dyad Unique, if all allies were Light Side at the start of battle and there is any version of Rey in the allied Leader slot, all allies gain Instant Defeat Immunity for 1 turn at the start of each encounter. Furthermore, while Ben Solo is active Rey can't be defeated, and Ben Solo can't be defeated while Rey is above 50% health. In Grand Arenas with an Omicron upgrade, Ben can also revive when under a Galactic Legend Rey lead and grant his allies Instant Defeat Immunity.

Earn Ben Solo shards during the upcoming Conquest events! Additionally, Ben Solo will be summonable with a data disk acquired after beating Sector 3 in any Conquest difficulty mode during the upcoming events.

The Basics:
  • Ben Solo is the Conquest counterpart to Galactic Legend Rey and many of his abilities directly synergize with Galactic Legend Rey
  • He also has good synergy with Rey (Scavenger) and Rey (Jedi Training)
  • Works best when paired with an all Light Side allies squad
  • Can remove buffs from enemy team through Special Ability
  • Increased effectiveness in Grand Arenas with powerful Omicrons

Unique Attributes:
  • While Ben Solo is alive, any version of Rey in the Leader spot can't be defeated. Ben Solo can't be defeated while Rey is above 50% health
  • His Unique, Redeemed, allows him to ignore Taunt during his turn, including effects like Mace’s Resilient Defense
  • Ben Solo has a Grand Arena Omicron that allows him to ignore Protection
  • When revived through means of Force Dyad, Ben Solo gains Instant Defeat Immunity for the rest of the encounter
  • Certain ability Upgrades will change Special Damage to True Damage

  • This unit represents the Ben Solo you see at the end of Episode 9
  • Ben’s synergies highlight his redemption and dedication to helping support Rey
  • His Unique, Force Dyad, was directly inspired by his appearance in the Sith Eternal Emperor Galactic Legend event
  • Many ability names are drawn from his internal conflicts from when he was younger

Strategy Tips:
  • Either Crit Chance + Crit Damage or Offense + Potency mods benefit him the most
  • Use all Light Side Allies
  • Two Words - Glass…Cannon
  • Utilize Taunt ignore to take down problematic characters on the enemy squad

How do I acquire Ben Solo?
You can acquire Ben Solo through the next several Conquest events
Why did you choose Ben Solo?
Rey was the first pair of Galactic Legends that was released and we wanted to return to some of the older Galactic Legends that do not have Conquest counterparts. Ben Solo is designed to increase Rey’s viability in a number of different modes in the game.

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