Almost a new player - please help me!

hello everyone
I have been playing this game for a year total and I am a level 54.
However, I cannot find the right team and the right path to take.

I often start new paths but get stuck. I am now doing the journey to get Emperor Palpatine for example.

Could you give me some advice on players to target and the right team to create in order to grow?
These are my cards:

- vader 53 , Luke farmhand 53, Jedi Console 53, Moff Tarkin 52, Kenobi old 53, Talia 52, Ashoka tano 53, Capitan Phasma 52, Luminara Unduli 52, Fighter pilot TIE 53, Boba fett 51, Mace windu 45, Anakin Jedi knight 53, Clone sergeant 44, Ciubecca Clone wars 53, Katarn 48, Krrsantan 48, Princess Leia 48, Moff gideon 51, Ackbar 26 and others 10 players

Thanks in advance


  • A lot of what you have isn't very good, and will age badly as you get better.

    You can combine the Palpatine journey with the Thrawn journey. Then you can make a good empire team.

    So I think you need to start farming Phoenix.
  • With the greatest of respect, you need to play more frequently.

    If it’s taken you a year to reach level 54, you must regularly be “skipping” days / weeks at a time.

    I have no issue with people playing casually, but it seems odd to ask how to improve your roster when you’ve been dipping in and out of the game.
  • Hi guys @DarjeloSalas @harvestmouse

    thank you very much for your answers.

    Unfortunately I haven't played that much, I'm just now starting to do it again every day.

    So the first advice is to create the Phoenix team?

    In the meantime I continue the journey to Palpatine to grow the Empire?

    With the Jedi and Rebels in the meantime how do I deal with them?

    thanks a lot again
  • Yes - work on Phoenix so you can unlock Thrawn to improve your empire team.

    There are lots of threads full of suggestions for how to set out on your journey in this game.

    The one that always struck me as the most helpful was this one…
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