Update 8/3

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Hello Holotable heroes!

In today’s update we will be introducing to you Ben "Solo", the new Conquest Exclusive Unit as well as other bug fixes and upcoming events.

Ben Solo Dev Insight HERE

Ben Solo Kit Reveal HERE

Datacron 3 Information HERE

  • Conquest rewards now include Datacron set 3 material
  • Raven's Claw is now available in Fleet Data Cards, Fleet Packs, and Shipments.
  • Admiral Raddus shards are now farmable from Dark Side 4-A (Hard). They replace Biggs Darklighter shards, which can still be farmed from Cantina 3-G.

  • The Acklay now respawns previously killed Jedi's when using "Terrifying Roar" in phase 2 of the Geo TB
  • Seventh Sister's special ability "ID9 Electro Shock-Prod" now inflicts Purge as intended
  • Eighth Brother's unique ability "Hunting A Shadow" now inflicts 1 stack of Purge if "Whirling Strike" or "Photon Grenades" was used
  • Updated the text for Malevolence's Special 2 "All Cannons Fire!" to more accurately express the order of operations for the ability.
  • Grand Master Yoda specific Datacron effect now correctly increases damage by 200% when character has Foresight
  • Fixed a bug to correct The Armorer’s Critical Avoidance affects
  • Fixed a bug where Razer Crest’s “Marked” could be bypassed by Bounty Hunter units under Executor
  • Fixed a bug where Executor would not destroy Razor Crest if Razor Crest had not been reduced to 1% throughout the battle
  • Fixed a bug where Han's Falcon was not recognizing buzz droids as a debuff for dispel
  • Fixed issues where Embo’s Omicron was working outside of Territory War
  • Fixed an issue where Asajj's Omicron no longer works after she dies
  • Fixed issue which could result in Darth Malgus being in such awe of his own excellence that he would inflict Fear on himself.
  • Power Data Disk - Fixed an issue where the datadisk was applying twice on transforming units
  • Vitality Data Disk - Fixed an issue where the data disk was applying twice on transforming units
  • Removed Jabba Quests from Quest section
  • Fixed an issue where the damage reduction effect for Rebels in the Enduring Codex datacron set was expiring too early
  • Fixed an issue where the summoned Tusken raider wouldn't resummon itself

  • A new piece of Kyrotech gear has been added: Mk 7 Kyrotech Power Converter

    Crafted using Mk 7 Kyrotech Shock Prod Prototype, Mk 9 Kyrotech Battle Computer Prototype, and credits. This piece of gear adds +24 Tactics, 5% Potency, and +5% Tenacity.

    Dev Response: We are introducing a new Kyrotech piece to better serve a need we’ve had in terms of supporting stats that Intelligence characters care about. This will not result in you needing to farm new gear and is crafted using existing Kyrotech pieces.


Datacrons do not apply to summoned units
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