Conquest on august is mean for some people



  • So not only should CG accommodate you because you get to take a vacation...but your rationalization is that it's because that what you consider do realize other people have other lives. You talk about your county's schedule, I don't even live in your country.
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    The very fact that such a request exists in the forum shows exactly how much this game (and conquest in specific) has degenerated into something close to a real job for many people, something you desperately need to have a break from like actual work!

    Imho THAT is the "most ridiculous" and saddest part of the whole discussion and a real tragedy for this game.

    Couldn't agree more. This is definitely the core problem of this game. And that is kind of impressive considering all the other problems the game currently has.
  • Jimzah
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    I´m also 46 with a family.(Only 1 son though)
    Just wait until wife/gf and kids are asleep,have a beer on the porch and play an hour daily,or skip some days and catch up later.
    Family vacation or not,you can always find a little time to play....If you really want to.
  • I haven't missed anything on a vacation with my family for a week.
  • NicWester
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    I see that I completely failed to convey my point. Thanks everyone for the harsh words and bitter thoughts 😂😂

    Eh, don’t worry, most of it is bitterness (conscious or not) because the majority of players are Americans and we don’t get to take a month off the way civilized countries do.

    But, still, trust me—you’ll have time to do enough of the August Conquest. And if you don’t, that’s time spent with family, which is more important anyway. Just remember that you can change your time zone twice a year, so if your vacation destination is in another zone you can change it to make it more convenient, then change back when you’re home.

    Enjoy your vacation!
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    All that pesky christmas prep - decorating, buying presents, going to see relatives, etc, might as well cancel it for December while you're at it.

    Then again, maybe he's got a point. They've turned it into a souless, joyless, soul-sucking grind anyhow, maybe do it every other month so we start to appreciate it more when it's here?
  • wildnz
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    Just get your kids to do conquest. Double win , conquest gets done and you get a free baby sister to enjoy your holiday.
  • krakenfodder
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    Greetings ppl at cg and fellow players. I am a player like many, not a whale, not a dolphin sometimes i spend some money on plancton too. At 8,5M I struggle to remain competitive.
    I am also 46, a husband and a father of two.

    That said, placing a Conquest, a pivotal event for high-end players and wannabes, on August is really a hard blow. Some of us have families. Kids. Husbands or wives. People that once a year want to be taken to a nice holiday and deserve our full, undivided attention.
    The majority of holidays are taken in July and August: would you be so kind as to postpone the conquest and avoid a de facto discrimination against us family-challenged people?

    Thanks anyone for their thoughts.

    I travel a lot with and without the family. In fact I'm on holiday at the moment. I work as well (MD of a large business). I do volunteer work, and I'm a professional mentor. I also spend many hours every day with my kids and family.

    Yet I'm still able to login for 10 mins here and there to do conquest. I don't spend money at all on the game and will get the max box.

    The world doesn't stop you just have to plan around it. You don't HAVE to play the game at all.

    I'm not in the USA. Which is why I have 6-8 weeks of holiday a year! Spend time with your family, it's just a game. You'll catch up and you don't have to spend a penny. CG won't accommodate you even if you had a stronger case.
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