Old player returning

I used to play years ago but fell off until recently. Alot has changed in the game such as relics, journeys, datacrons and whatnot.

I find myself stuck in arena unable to punch up in fleet or squads, i feel like this is due to the lack of relic characters.

With all of the changes I am looking for any advice on who I should relic and what times I am best positioned to pursue first. Thanks for any and all insights.



  • LordDirt
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    Best advice, best to stay away.

    If you insist on coming back, go through the journey guides and start going for the ones you are close to getting and go from there.
    Forget the gear crunch, why can't we sim the Sith raid yet?
  • The above comment reminds me of a Houston Immigration Officer at passport control asking me “What do you want to be doing in this Sh**hole?”.

    Like Houston, not all of the game is a fetid swamp. Have a bit of fun (& then get a bus to Austin as soon as you can afford a ticket)
  • LordDirt
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    Austin? Hell no
    Forget the gear crunch, why can't we sim the Sith raid yet?
  • You have a roster that can go anywhere, which is good! I think what anyone would say is to work your way towards the end game, which right now are Galactic Legends. My advice would be to pick a GL and stick with it. My advice would be JMK cause he's one of the best and also cause I think you're objectively closer. If you don't wanna do JMK, pick your fav! At the end of the day, it's just a game, so have fun!

    I would also set some secondary objectives like focus on Geonosians for WAT. Having Geos ready will help get you into a really nice guild. Looks like you're already working on Shaaktroopers which will help with crancor and Ki-Adi-Mundi. I think you know the direction you need to go. Just remember to have fun!
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