Bonus Attack

Hi guys,

what I find difficult is to understand how to set up a team that has bonus attacks during battle.

How do I set up bonus attacks in players?



  • Can you share your ally code? You may already have some characters that would make this possible already?
  • hi @DarjeloSalas
    here we go 159-935-651

    this is my team

    thx a lot for the help
  • Can I ask what exactly you want bonus attacks for?
  • @DarjeloSalas For Phoenix Squad is it automatic the bonus attack?
  • Yes. There’s nothing you can do other than farm the characters and upgrade them.
  • I could be wrong but I think you are asking about Double Attack (Ezra/Sabine) OR, assist calls, OR, Counter Attack?

    If you mean Ezra/Sabine in how they shoot twice?
    You'll need to read their kits for the basic ability, in Ezra's case its a bigger chance when he's NOT debuffed so you want to give him some Tenacity & keep him cleansed in fights.
    I forget what makes Sabine shoot twice as I never used her outside of fleet.

    Counter Attacks is because Kanan has an ability he is sharing & Zeb has a Buff that he casts that both cause rebounding when your hit.

    Assists come from Ezra & Hera calling them.

    As for setting up a team that has lots of assists one thing to remember is if there are multiple assists at once the testing has shown that they go in the order you load them into battle.
    So Left to Right, Leader First, Hera then #2, then #3, etc etc.

    This is very useful for things like Geos, Padme, Kenobi & others that call full team assists.

    Hope this helps.

  • Sabine only attacks multiple times with the Rebel Challenge/Conquest modifier.

    Her normal basic damages multiple times but only attacks once.
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