ZV United is looking for the 50th member!

ZV United: https://swgoh.gg/g/itmQ8DvDRgGoDURiGRuY7A/

Guild Power: 315M (at 49 members)

We’re looking for active players that have a strong, TB-focused roster with a minimum of 6M GP and 2-3 GLs. We also expect you to have a viable KAM team.

ZV United is part of a 2-guild alliance with friendly people and strong communication aimed at helping members achieve their in-game goals. We’re very active and expect each member to communicate in all phases of TB and TW. We recognize that real life issues do arise so we’re flexible and understanding as long as everyone is communicative!

Raids: H Rancor/H AAT (sim); H Sith and CRancor on farm

Territory Battles
Geo Dark Side: 30 stars
Geo Light Side: 19 stars (currently at 10-15 KAM shards per TB)

Happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Contact us on Discord

Falen Lacer#6955


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