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So, here we are, just wanted to discuss and share my opinions on this game, so pls dont hate, its just my humble opinion... So pls be polite in the comment, ik that maybe somethings that i will say aren't that bad.
First of all i just want to say that i dont hate this game, i've been playing this game for almost 3 years now on this account and other 3-4 on an old one... But **** if this game have issue...

First of all shard and gear farm: in 3 years, being everyday online and farming i managed to take just 4 to gear XIII (Dooku, JK Revan, Boba Fett and Fives) and **** if i spent time and crystal, progression is just too slow, and even w farm and planning gears arent guaranted when using energy, and raid give casual gear so is usefull but not that efficient (in my opinion)

Charachter shard are now pretty balanced, still annoying to spend time and get but still better than the original only 1 shard drop...

GA: Well, i love GA but matchmaking is nut... Im Carbonite V and i matchmaked w ppl that had already SLKR o GL Palpatine and ****, ppl that had like 30 relic when i have only 4, and its pretty frustrating.

But most important... P2W... ****, idc what you think, but i prefer a cheater, than someone that just swipe a card to win this game, i never spent even a single Euro on this game, and im proud of it, but ****, HYPER BUNDLE cost **** 99€ (yea it give lot of thing ik) but when i spend almost 100€ i expect more, its not that 20€ bundle that yea sure can help but for getting pretty nothing... So bundle are overpriced as hell and im pretty sure (not all devs) but mostly EA ones just milk this game as much as they can... ( I mean cmon we are talking abt EA)...

Besides this, i still think this is a wonderfull game, found lot of nice ppl in my guild, and maybe it would be good to add a featire that allows you to play against your allies in real time...

Let me know what you thing, feel free to correct me if i said smthing wrong, and im open to any advise or help w farming... Also sorry for any bad english...

Also forgor to say that if u want to add me aa ally here is my code 861-233-946, dont care if low level i accept all ally request


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    JUSTCOOKIE wrote: »
    idc what you think, but i prefer a cheater, than someone that just swipe a card to win this game
    what kind of logic is that....

    You can actually beat someone who spends

    You cannot beat someone who cheats
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    Go to YouTube, you can find all kinds of videos of people who take a f2p account from 0 to galactic legend in like 6 months.
    Ain't no party like a scalpin' party
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