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    1) Starkiller
    2) I unlocked him less for how awesome he is in-game and more for how much I enjoyed the Force Unleashed video game back in the day
    3) Ready for Grand Inquisitor as soon as the event rolls back around

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  • Al5
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    1. Starkiller
    2. Needed another strong defence team for GAC and TW.
    3. Probably Malgus, after the next round of GCs.

  • Lumiya
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    1) 0qk32xhm0cei.jpg
    2) I want to build my Sisters because Ventress got a cool Omicron, which I already gave her.
    3) I am not sure yet, I still need C3PO, maybe I return to gearing up the murder Teddies after I've finished the Sisters.

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  • Bradyb44
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    2. He’s a good plug n play and requires for JMK
    3. I’m working towards SEE because he’s the closest GL for me to unlock and really need a gl for GAC.
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    1. WAT
    2. Great plug n play character and required for JMK
    3. Hopefully SEE since he’s my closest gl to being unlocked and I need him to beat teams with multiple GLs in GAC
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    1, CAT
    2, Good addition to some teams
    3, JMK

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    Last unlock was Krrsantan from the marquee.
    Unlocked him because I love his character in bobf and in legends.
    My next unlock will be SLKR, I’m farming tickets for him now and he will be my 4th GL soon!
    Ally code is 764-628-847 (for no apparent reason)
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    1. CAT
    2. Great character in lore and in game
    3. BAM (towards Executor)

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    2. Wanted a GL and the fleet
    3. JMK

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    1. Starkiller
    2. I enjoyed force unleashed, and enjoyed the usefulness of the requirements.
    3. Emperor's Shuttle because I'm working on my Imperial Fleet

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    What was the last character you unlocked?
    Why did you unlock them?
    Who are you going to unlock next?

    Don't forget to leave your Ally code for no apparent reason.

    I'm assuming by "Unlock" you mean 7*? V/S say, Adm Raddus's 3* Marquee.

    Assuming that is correct........ I recently finished off farming Fennec Shand.

    Why? I hear she is good addition to BH & I am doing the Bomber in the same node since CG decided to give us loads of Cap Ships & not nearly enough Fighters so at this point its having to have them all just to make some semblance of a back up fleet.

    Next Unlock? Probably SEE, I'm down to my last 2 pre-reqs at G12 now so barring some rando character that is just accumulating rare shards from Events-GW-Bronziums hitting 330 before then, like maybe my Sith Assassin at 92/100 getting shards from the next Secrets & Shadows, otherwise SEE.
  • LMc00
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    1. 3PO and Chewie
    2. I want to unlock Jedi Knight Luke and build a CLS-Team on the way.
    3. Wampa and Hermit Yoda. Framig GET 1 is a pain. You can hardly find guilds doing Hoth TB.
    4. 336-984-361
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    1. Aurra Sing (outside of other marquees)
    2. Never had any need for her!
    3. Swolo. Rey is calling out for him

  • Mohrg
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    1. Fennec Shand
    2. I'm gearing up BAM for the Razor crest ready for when i get the Executor on the next event and he needs a team.
    3. Executor if that counts, if not Dash Rendar is on the list.
    4. 427-327-214
  • Jkane
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    1. Maul
    2. Wanted to finish him in case he vanished from all shops like Rey did. Proving grounds works for Boba for me.
    3. Probably Malgus on the way to Ben Solo. Gonna be close.
    4. 779-152-724 (Leave a message)
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    1. Gamorrean Guard
    2. In honor of their brave sacrifices to protect Mos Espa and Boba Fett
    3. Working on Executor and Malgus
    4. 713-215-544
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    He was lucky number relic 202
    I still enjoy playing this game and love Star Wars
  • CG_Tusken_Meathead
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    Congratulations to the 10 winners I pulled! You should have some Crystals in your inbox

    Just posting some images for proof, but doubt ill do that ever again haha I'm gonna find an easier way to do this next time, my Ctrl+Shift+V fingers are killing me :D


  • Lumiya
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    @CG_Tusken_Meathead I like what you do for the community! 🙂
    Congratulations to the winners!
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    Thanks @CG_Tusken_Meathead for another fun thread, congrats to winners
  • Franke
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    I like these fun little things you do for the community, like this and the inqusitor art thread.
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    1) Last unlock, Malgus
    2) Because he looked great for GAC
    3) Next unlock will probably be Profundity

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    Thanks very much for this, it was a funny thread!! :D
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    1. Krasantan
    2. For Jabba
    3. Whoever you release next (or starkiller)
    4. Ally code- 931-856-197
  • TVF
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    I need a new message here.
  • Engage
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    My last unlock was JKLS.
    I have focused on Rebels and Jedi since I started playing. He was my last prerequisite for Master Luke.
    I'm working towards GAS and Master Luke. It's a toss up between relic levels and gearing.
  • TVF
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    I need a new message here.
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    1) Malgus

    2) To soak up that damage!

    3) Whoever the next Marquee is for Jabba

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    Reading is hard
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