I watched Hynsey and Gridan's video with Crumb. In the video, Crumb said multiple times that CG wants feedback. We give you feedback. The community has been asking for ship loadouts, feat counters in battles, the gear crunch ease you told us was coming, sandbox mode, for our carefully collected and cultivated units not to be nerfed... The point is that the community, your player base, tells you the changes we would like to see, and how you can improve your game. What do we get instead? Datacons. Grindquest. Inquisitors. Nerfs. We responded with feedback that we don't like these things. You responded with silence and more stuff we don't like. It feels like you're trying to punish us for giving feedback.

Lately, it feels like SWGOH is not the actual game. The game is CG dropping as much💩on us as possible to see how much we'll put up with and many people you can get to pay you for the privilege. I had three separate discussions yesterday that came down to 1) Why give CG feedback? They don't care. (Discussion: Inquisitors) 2) CG hates its player base. (Discussion: Conquest Inquisitor Feats) 3) Fun is the offensive F word CG doesn't want us to use. (Discussion: Sandbox Mode) Is this what you want people to think about your company? Well, it is.

I've been playing for 6-7(?) years. I have every GL, Executor, Starkiller, and no interest in the Grand Inquisitor. I unlocked Razor Crest, CAT, Maul, Boba Fett, Scion Of The Dumbest Name Ever, TIE/IN Interceptor, and Malgus. All but one on the first try. I got tired of the repetitive feats in the BH Conquest and stopped. I could have done it, but I was tired of the grind. I am the leader of a 320 million GP guild and a TW officer. I have spent a grand total of $0.00. To me, paying for upgrades in an RPG/Collection game defeats the purpose of playing. I know that's not good for your figures, but think of the devotion to your game that requires. Isn't that enthusiasm and devotion what you want from players?

I am currently testing other games because I have no desire to play this game anymore. It will not be Lord Of The Rings. I've talked to friends about playing and starting a Fellowship, but I cannot play another Capital Games game if this is how you continue to treat your players. I feel like you do not want people like me to play your game, like you are actively trying to push me out of the game. It's been compounding, but it comes down to datacons. I'll tolerate the other things out of habit and enjoyment of the community, but datacons have me seriously considering quitting. I'm going to try to stay through the datacon exhibition period in hopes that you remove them completely.

Datacon Feedback
Before we even get into functionality, we have to talk about the arrogance of a company that expects its players to rent upgrades for a mobile game. It's blatantly disrespectful to the people you want to play your game.

For the first two Conquests, I grinded those DC nodes. I came up with an L9, two L5s, and a few L2s. I could reroll 2-3 times. How do I know if I want to reroll? Once I reroll, how do I know which is better? 15% TM gain for JKL when an ally uses a special ability? Or JKL takes a bonus turn when he uses a special ability? Is there something better that I'm not seeing? Is there something better if I reroll another character? I'm out of reroll materials, so it doesn't matter. My Kenobi DC maxed out at L5, so I didn't get the stun option. I can beat them without using a DC in a mirror match 75ish% of the time unless they have an L9 that ignores protection. The point is that there are so many options that are random that we can't build our own or plan for counters without spending a ridiculous amount of time researching or money to acquire materials. Even then, we don't know what our opponents are going to have in the important game modes (GAC & TW) until it's locked and too late to change anything. Since they are temporary, all that money and research is gone when they expire. Datacons are chaos that upends our carefully cultivated rosters. They are more work and frustration than that offensive F word that we're not supposed to use in regards to this game. Now, I've spent all this time to give you feedback to ignore.

GAC has always been my favorite game mode. I stay at the top of Kyber 2 or the bottom of Kyber 1. F2P. Datacons make it take longer and will almost always put me at a disadvantage. In GAC (Kyber 1), every opponent I've had has multiple L9s. The only way I can get a "fair match" is to ask for a DCless match. (I say, "fair match" because I'm still going against whales with usually 800k-a million more GP and better-rounded rosters than me.) Most people are cool about and agree that GAC is better without datacons, but that's another task that I don't want to do that takes up more of my time. That also detracts from my enjoyment of the game mode. I used to look forward to GAC. Now, I dread it.

The same goes for TW. I used to enjoy TW on the rare occasion the matchmaker made a balanced match. I'm a TW officer. With R9 being a requirement for Profundity and certainly Jabba, TW is the most important game mode. I'm assuming Droid Brains being added to Shipments is temporary. It's hard enough to get 50 people to sign up, set defense, and attack. Now, we're supposed to ask people to acquire datacons, upgrade them, reroll them, read the opponent's before attacking, make sure they have something that can beat it... No. I ask people to not engage and not spend resources on them because they are a scam. I only use them in TW if we don't have a preexisting arrangement with the other guild not to use them, and I think it could make a difference in a win or a loss because I don't want to let down my guild.

What's my motivation to engage with this system? I've stopped using them and will not grind for them:

Inquisitors Feedback:
I've seen a lot of hate for the Inquisitors. Mine aren't geared up enough to know how good they are or aren't. I'm just sick of seeing them everywhere. Assault Battle, Galactic Challenges, and the same feats for what will eventually be six consecutive Conquests. I don't see them anywhere else in the game. I think I've seen them twice in GAC, once as a full squad, and once in TW. Sure that's anecdotal, but I don't see people using them voluntarily. I don't like things forced on me, and that's what you're doing.

Conquest Feedback:
It's been repeated as many times as we've repeated battles to accomplish the feats. It's too repetitive. Nobody wants to do the same battles over and over to get ## kills with A or win ## Battles with A Squad. It's even worse when we have to use the same squad to do multiple feats in multiple sectors. (Inquisitors) Double the sectors, so we can accomplish the feats within a sector without having to go back over and over and over and over...

Omicrons are interesting. They add a consistent level of upgrades that we can plan for and counter. GL sidekicks are kind of fun. Oops! Do I get banned for using the F word? Jabba and Profundity give me something to work toward. Though requiring R9 while the gear for it is exclusive to guild events, again assuming Droid Brains are only in Shipments temporarily, is bad for guilds making it bad for the game. A lot of players stay for the community. Limiting things to a certain level of guild is asinine. It creates more frustration and bad blood.

It's dishonest to look at the usage data on these things and think the players are engaging, so the players must like them. We have to use Inquisitors, datacons, and do Conquest if we want to make progress on our grinds or chase the next toy. Listen to us instead. The community has been overwhelmingly negative on these topics. There are a lot more negatives lately than positives. We are using our words. Read.
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