Anybody beaten Dark Side Hard 6-B?

Hit a bit of a wall with this level.

Currently level 60 using:

Ventress 7* (Leader)
Old Daka 5*
Talia 6*
Kylo Ren 5*
Count Dooku 4*

All maxed purple gear. I usually borrow a lvl 60 4200 power Sidious.

I make it to the boss in good shape. For those who don't know it's an Ewok Elder with 5 hard hitting Ewok Scouts.

I usually try to focus down the Elder. It seems he is extremely resistant to stuns though, and he always manages to get his heals and revives off. The other Ewoks put out brutal damage (~3k regular hits), but drop easily if focused down, or even if they take a few AOE's. Doesn't do squat though if the Elder can reessurect them all though.

Anybody completed this level? What strategy did you use?

I have considered bringing in Vader and setting up for a big Culling Blade hoping for a big KO. Or bringing in Phasma and hoping I get enough assist procs. Both would need to be levelled and geared first though.


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    2 words.. Darth maul.. wait for me! I'll get to lol 60 shortly
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    Maul isn't the answer. He will die in 2 hits from the ewoks.

    I'm in the same boat as I haven't been able to beat it yet either but i only tried it twice and decided to finish daka before trying again. My team
    7* sid
    7* boba
    7* tarkin ( 2nd time with 7* cad bane )
    5* daka
    4* vader
    All gear 7
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    Ewoks > you
  • Naecabon
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    I used a full droid / Poggle team. No healers. Massive AOE dps in a row, dropped all the little Ewoks before they even got a hit off. Smooth sailing from there.
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    I couldn't finish it. I am stuck there. Moreover, my goal was TIE pilot, so I need to 3-star it, which doesn't seem trivial. Maybe a huge damage team can be composed as we learn more, but so far, even when I put epic fights, the Elder doesn't die soon enough, doesn't get atunned and generally revives entire teams over and over.
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