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We need a 3v3 TW. Sticking it randomly in GAC is if it wasn’t for the rewards, pointless. I think having a 3v3 TW would proper spice it up and send guilds into meltdown.

Also, when are we seeing something with ships!!
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  • Rath_Tarr
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    You want to place more squads and fight even more battles in TW? Do all of your guildmates? Because that is what you are asking for.

    I actually enjoy 3v3 GAC but scaling that up to TW would be a nightmare.
  • Nauros
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    No. 3v3 GAC is bad enough.
  • Scared.
  • Antario
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    However, what would be cool is something like a "Mini-TW". Not guild vs guild but something like three (random) players grouped as a "temporary team" fighting against a team of three other random players...

    Honestly, that's what I initially understood when I was baited by this post. :)
  • Legend91
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  • Who up for this 3v3 TW?? Could even have little mini leagues?
  • No thanks
  • Can we not just remove 3v3 COMPLETELY out the game then? Would be nice.
  • Can we not just remove 3v3 COMPLETELY out the game then? Would be nice.

    Bait & switch thread title? Not another of these tiring deabtes. If you dont like it, dont sign up. 3v3 GAC is fine
  • If it’s that fine, let’s mix it up in tw like the title says?
  • Franke
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    Lets do 1v1 tw
  • For me 3v3 gac is very much the same feeling as I got prior to the gac revamp. I enjoy 5v5 now mainly because of the rewards, but I actually enjoy competing for the rewards. I don’t enjoy the need to compete in 3v3 because there’s nothing else in the game that has 3v3 that use regularly to get use to it and learn. It’s hardly sink or swim, but you do have to just make up random teams without any real cohesion within the characters that’s designed for 3v3. Which is partly why you think what’s the point? If they can do it for gac why can’t they do it for TW?
  • They tried mixing tw up and that had mix results. Now datacron rewards and R9 mats are tied to it, shifting the rules how tw works will probally upset alot of players. I think it would be cool to have a 2 players vs 2 players gac type maych but optional. Get separate chat rooms so you can coordinate with your teammate but I doubt this would come anytime soon.
  • TVF
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    Hard pass.
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  • I don't think the game could handle placing over 600 teams. Or, perhaps you're part of CG's new team that gets players to NOT want to play? Was excessive datacrons also your idea?
  • TW regularly involves setting and clearing 460+ teams for my guild.

    I think I’d just not join if they ever did a 3v3 TW. I’d take the crazy buffs or banned toons again over that.
  • If it’s that fine, let’s mix it up in tw like the title says?

    Did you notice how in 3v3 GAC you have to set more teams than 5v5 so you go deeper into your roster? The same would have to happen in TW, so even more teams per territory. 60-70? Sounds great dude.

    No thanks.
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