Galaxy of Datacrons needs some help

i know nothing is going to change because datacrons is such a genius idea to print money for CG (whoever came up with this idea should be given a raise); I understand this game was made to make money and that's why these things are never going to leave.

however, i feel due to the immense power of these things that the nature of the game has been poisoned. I call this game galaxy of DCs now because that's the only thing on one's roster that matters. GP, GLs, omicrons, mods...the only thing i look at anymore during gac is how many DCs my opponent has and i know almost immediately, barring any play two standard deviations away from the mean, who is going to win.

I am not sure how it is at the low/mid end of GAC, but at the top end in Kyber, everyone's roster is pretty much the same, give or take some omis. the one defining difference between rosters was relic levels and mods, but those could often be worked around if one found themselves at a disadvantage.

With DCs, the modifications are too powerful, turning meh teams into powerhouses and GLs into nearly impenetrable teams.

again, the revenue loop CG created with these things is never going away, i get that. but can't there be some middle ground where they aren't this overpowered mechanic that overshadows everything else a play has achieved roster wise in this game?
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