Constructive Datacron feedback

Datacrons (DCs) are extremely unpopular by the wast majority of players. The reasons for this can be found in most threads made since their launch ;) . But, they are likely here to stay. Let's see if we can find some adjustments that would make them at least somewhat enjoyable.
A few idea of my own (not all original, I know):
  • GLs should not be affected by your DCs, or perhaps only by either stats or lvl 3/6/9 abilities
  • Make them usable in PvE. This would greatly increase their popularity
  • Inclusion in PvE would also make tier 2 abilities more useful (= less of a bummer) and make design space for more varied og fun (important word: FUN) abilities
  • Using them in GAC (and perhaps TW) should cost banners. For instance 1(or 2) less banner when placing a DC on defense and 1 (or 2) less when using one on attack. They are just like 6th squad member, why not include them in scoring? With the right cost, this would make a HUGE strategic difference for competitive players.
What are your ideas? (constructive, pls)


  • AlexanderG
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    I think it's constructive feedback. I quite like the idea of there neing a banner cost applied in TW. Sadly I think CG would see that as counter productive as they hope people will spend on DC materials to get that competitive advantage.

    Applying DCs to PvE would be popular - or at least more popular than icurrently is the case.

    I think Ultra has alluded to the liklihood of some changes being implemented. So I guess we'll see how it shakes out.

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  • Decay
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    Datacrons make it in GAC that actual skill does not matter but the amount of money you spend for these Crons can determine the outcome - If that is the game that CG wants, well maybe it is time to find another game that actually cares about the user

    Datacrons do not make the game more entertaining - Mods can be overcome with skill and time farming - Datacrons are luck - that is all they are - Maybe i will roll a lucky one with the amount i get in free modes - we will see - but I am investing Zero dollars in this or other areas moving forward until the random luck of these pieces are removed -

  • The majority of players we like to see them gone. That is not going to happen as that would make CG admit they made a mistake. So the number 1 thing I want to see is an option to signip for GAC and TW with datacrons disabled. Maybe if you enable them increase r9 materials or something but don't force users to interact with them but allow the whales to continue to use them.
  • Since GL datacrons seem to be sticking around I think it would be interesting to see them pair a GL datacron and non GL datacron to counter it. For instance, when making a LV dc, release a bounty hunter dc that will hard counter it. This would help to stop the near impenetrable GL walls.
  • I still say including them to pve content will be a huge popular move. Even if you can only use a datacron once per phase in TB, that would significantly boost there percieved popularity and value. A datacron stats could be rolled more for TB for non pvp guilds. Assualt battles as well, maybe on conquest
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